Run Your Car On Propane? – T. Boone Pickens must have read Mother Earth News

This article is from 1972:

Convert Your Car to Propane

A tried and tested low-emission fuel, liquid propane, and the easy-to-install system results in lower operation and maintenance costs, much longer engine life and 70% less air pollution

May/June 1972

The Mother Earth News editors 

It works. New York, Maine, Tennessee, Florida, Arkansas, Texas, Utah, California . . . I’ve traveled miles and miles and miles in a VW bus converted to run on LP (liquid propane) and the easy-to-install system really does result in lower operating and maintenance costs, much longer engine life AND 70% less air pollution.Unlike gasoline, LP (and from here on, whenever I say LP you can take it to mean liquid propane, homemade methane or natural gas . . . the system will work on any of these) enters your engine as a completely vaporized fuel that’s free from lead, carbon, gum, sulfur and most pollutants. LP won’t foul your car’s plugs, ruin its valves, contaminate its oil, wash down its cylinder walls and rings, burn out its muffler . . . OR destroy the air we all breathe. And while mileage and performance are about the same as with gasoline, cost per gallon of LP generally runs about 15% less than you’ve probably been paying for fuel.

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MEN (that’s right folks that the acronym for this magazine) sent me this after we posted it here. Let me point out for the record that I was simply making the subtle point that the article was written in 1972. This to point out that Picken’s idea was not new and NEVER acted. I only ran the part of the article that talked the ease of conversion. Because we switched from carboretors to fuel injectors, if you tried to do what they describe in the article, your car will blow up. I did not want any of that liability, but apparently they do.


We all have fuel injecters now so it must be a whole lot more complicated to do.

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