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If you live in just about anywhere in Europe or Asia, it’s unlikely that you’d need to be sold on the merits of motor scooters (also known by the eponym Vespas)—those fun, economical, and stylish two-wheel vehicles that are simply perfect for driving—and parking—in crowded cities. 

But keep reading—you just might be surprised by some of the scooter’s environmental implications.  On the other hand, if you live in the U.S., you might want to start thinking about this admittedly unconventional alternate form of transportation.

Green Scooters

Okay, so they’re comfortable, cheap, small and therefore convenient—they’re even cute and fun.  But if I make it my primary mode of transport, what am I really doing for (and not doing “to”) Mother Nature?  The answer is:  it depends.  (Doesn’t it always?).  Scooters are known for their incredible fuel efficiency, just like motorcycles.  Gas-powered scooters can easily attain 60-80 mpg, music to the ears of anyone who last calculated the mileage of his SUV, sedan, or even compact car.  Scooters might use less gas than a conventional car, but they still require it, and by now, we must all be familiar with the intricate politics of gasoline usage—foreign oil dependency, global warming, unsustainable fossil fuel, and the list goes on.  

AND nothing can beat the electric scooter, greenest of the green.  Practically silent with no emissions, an electric scooter is a stalking panther through the urban jungle, leaving not a trace behind.  With electricity costing only one-tenth that of gas, you might be wondering why you ever thought the marvel of scooter fuel efficiency was even relevant (don’t get me wrong, efficiency is important as energy consumption is still energy consumption).  As a bonus, electric scooters require significantly less maintenance because they have fewer moving parts and don’t need endless amounts of lubricant, oil, and other engine fluids.  So what’s the catch?  Well, there are a few you should be aware of:

  • The upfront cost of an electric scooter is higher, just like you suspected it might be, but that little green motorbike is probably going to pay for itself through energy cost savings.
  • Unfortunately, the battery pack isn’t going to have anything on a fuel tank, and that’s the truth.  A 30-mile range seems about average, with 50 miles on the high end.  You’ll probably be fine running errands and commuting to work (unless your bedroom community is 20 exits away from the corporate office park where you work), but anything long-distance will call for something more substantial.
  • Recharging your battery also takes time—if you’ve ever recharged a cell phone or laptop at a public outlet, you’ll know how maddeningly slow that recharging can be.  However, if you plug in your electric scooter every time you come home, you shouldn’t have a problem keeping your battery charged up.  On that note, wouldn’t it be convenient if there outlets wherever there were parking spots? Well, maybe one day.

Companies like Vespa-producing Piaggio are continuing to set the curve in this industry—they’re in the prototype phases of developing a combination gas/electric scooter , the HyS, that boasts a hybrid drivetrain said to up power by 25% and cut gas guzzling by 20%.  They’ve also announced the Piaggio MP3, a leaning three-wheeled scooter that bolsters speed, stability (with a tilt angle of about 40 degrees), and traction, especially on slippery terrain.  And it just keeps getting better—this model is a plug-in hybrid that fully charges in three hours and gets about 170 miles to the gasoline gallon.  No word on pricing or release dates yet, but these annoucements should open up the market a bit and rev-up the speed on other projects.

To sum up: Electric scooters definitely hold the title of being the greenest scooters around.  But if you can’t find, afford, or use one for whatever reason, a propane-fueled scooter with a four-stroke engine that uses direct injection is the next best thing.  If you’re still not having any luck, just try to get your hands on a four-stroke.  Happy scootering!

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Vectrix Fully Electric Scooter,

The Greenest Ride in the World:

 Totally Electric Transportation

in California 

San Francisco, CA (Vocus) October 15, 2007 — In a land characterized by its freedom, Americans have become slaves to rising fuel prices and limited options. With a much needed change on the horizon, a new solution has arrived. The solution is the Vectrix ZEV (zero-emissions vehicle), the only highway legal, fully electric, zero-emissions vehicle for sale in the USA.

The Vectrix ZEV resembles a motorcycle more than a scooter; however the similarities end there. The Vectrix Fully Electric Scooter, a new take on the classic scooter, is a revolutionary new form of personal transportation. Changing the standard for electric travel, the Vectrix ZEV is a highway legal, zero-emissions luxury vehicle with a built-in rechargeable battery. Through the scooter’s sleek, sporty design, it will prove to not only be attractive to the green set, but to individuals seeking a practical, fuel efficient way to zip around town.

Among the Vectrix ZEV’s many strengths are its unmatched technical capabilities. The Vectrix electric scooter features a patented regenerative deceleration system, called DAaRT. This innovation enables acceleration and braking to be controlled by one hand using the bidirectional throttle, resulting in recovered energy and extended battery life. This also means that the electric scooter has no gears, no clutch, and unlike the competition, can go in reverse from a standing start. Further advantages include the high quality, Brembo disk brakes, allowing for quick stops in emergency situations. However, what is perhaps one of the Vectrix ZEV’s most attractive features is its onboard charging capability. This allows the scooter to charge with ease on any 110 volt plug, providing up to 68 miles of travel. This combination of cutting edge developments makes the Vectrix ZEV the simplest scooter to ride in the world..

If speed is what a driver is looking for, the Vectrix ZEV offers premium results. The scooter accelerates from 0 to 50 in 6.8 seconds, while only making a whisper of noise.


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