IEEE And A Link Request – I have gotten a lot of link requests

So today and for the next couple, I am going to put up those up here:

FERC Issues Major Rule to Encourage Grid Expansion

Fri, July 29, 2011

Blog Post: Most important power grid reform since the power system was opened to wholesale competition

More Smart Meter Pushback 

Wed, July 06, 2011

Blog Post: British review raises questions about cost of national rollout and claimed benefits

Planned U.S. Power System Experiment Means Some Clocks Will Speed Up 

Fri, July 01, 2011

Blog Post: Will anybody really know what time it is? Will anybody really care?

Flywheels Keep the Grid in Tune 

July 2011

Article: Spinning masses face off against big batteries in the half-billion-dollar market for grid stability

Saving Smart Meters From a Backlash 

August 2011

Article: Fears of irradiation from antennas threaten to smother smart meters in the crib


More tomorrow


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