Most Polluted Countries In The World – According to one source

Top 10 Most Polluted Countries

The United States is best known as the country with greener pastures. You’d probably move to the US because of this reason. Then again, if you were told that the US is a silent killer, wouldn’t you rather move to China?

Pollution is a silent killer that endangers not just a person’s health, but also his or her environment. Here are the top 10 most polluted countries in the world along with the reasons for why you should be more concerned about your environment.

1. Peru: The Grass is Never Greener

Water Pollution - Peru

Water pollution in Peru

The environmental problems in Peru include deforestation, soil erosion, soil pollution, water pollution and air pollution. Water pollution in Peru is caused by oil-related waste, sewage waste and industrial waste.

Peru has 1,746 cubic kilometers of renewable water resources. Seven percent is for industrial activity and 86 percent is used for farming. In Lima, Peru, vehicular and industrial emissions bring air pollution, which has always been a serious problem in the country’s capital city.

2. Pakistan: Because Cleanliness is the New Virtue

Lahore Pakistan

A polluted street in Lahore, Pakistan

There is hardly any attention paid to the environmental issues in Pakistan. Potable water and sanitation are the main problems in this country. Almost 80 percent of the total population in Pakistan does not have flush toilets.

Research conducted by the Pakistan Medical Research Council show that a large number of people with diseases in Pakistan suffer specific health problem because of the consumption of polluted water. A whopping 38 percent of the entire population of Pakistan receive water that run through dirty pipelines, which, in turn, may lead to the consumption of seriously contaminated water.

3. Kuwait

Kuwait Oil Pollution

Oil Pollution in Kuwait

The oil fires have already been put out and a large part of the oil spills are now cleaned up. However, Kuwait is still suffering from the health and environmental costs brought about by the Gulf War and Iraq’s occupation.

Oil pollutes a large part of the deserts of Kuwait. Oil envelopes the large patches of Kuwait’s sea bed off the coast. The coral reefs in Kuwait need to undergo a serious recovery. The ruptured tanks from the war left debris all over Kuwait that still pollute and destroy Kuwait’s environment after 10 years. Since 1991, children in Kuwait have been acquiring leukemia caused by residues from DU or depleted uranium.


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