Illinois Frackers Gotta Show UP – To get their permits

But I wonder does this mean their lawyers and not the actual Company people. That has to be changed. I would say the actual owner of the company must attend the hearing, myself.


Day 34   12/18/13. 

Thanks to everyone who turned out last night to the Decatur hearing.  Over 400 of you came–the biggest hearing so far in the state. Your testimony was moving, powerful, and critical of the weak IDNR rules.  Let’s keep the pressure on.  Carbondale’s hearing is on Thursday (tomorrow, the 19th).  Plan to attend and give testimony!  In the meantime, please submit a comment today. 

Topic:   No permits if a permit applicant fails to appear at a hearing.


Section  245.270(f) of the rules allows a permit to be given EVEN IF the applicant has failed to appear at a hearing.  This provision would gut the purpose of the public hearing requirement. In the event the failure was due to an emergency or circumstances beyond the applicant’s control, the hearing should be rescheduled, and the 60-day time frame should start over to accommodate that rescheduling. If the applicant cannot show good cause for failure to appear at the hearing, the application should be denied.

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Go there and comment. More tomorrow.


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