10 Funniest Green Videos – Funny may not save the Earth but it could help

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10 Funniest Green Viral Videos

The Web’s Best Environmental Humor

As this oh-so-useful timeline of Internet memes shows, viral videos have long kept cubicle warriors smiling through their TPS reports and teenagers laughing all the way to MySpace. It’s not all fun and games though: from Obama Girl to Tea Partay to OK Go, effective viral videos can shape elections, push millions of products and establish artists.

Short, catchy videos can also draw attention to causes and motivate people to action. Just ask The Nature Conservancy, or even TDG’s own Glen, The Global Warming Groundhog.

While it can be debatable whether serious “mission” movies like Blood Diamond or thrillerized fare like The Day After Tomorrow really make an impact with viewers, history shows that humor — done well — can be a powerful force for social change. Think Jonathan Swift, Lenny Bruce and Shakespeare. Or arguably the good folk of JibJab.

You also might want to check out the new site Go Green Tube, which offsets a pound of carbon for each video viewed.

So here are our picks for the best green viral videos. Add yours in the comments, and tell us what you think of these selections!

Note: Several of these videos include strong language and adult themes, and are not suitable for children. Also note: the videos get funnier as you go down the list. So let the countdown begin…

10. Best Student Film – Save the Animal Crackers!


This video has great production values, and executes a smart, amusing concept really well. We didn’t find it sidesplittingly hilarious, but it definitely makes an impact. Plus, we like the fact that it was made by college students.

The National Geographic Channel had asked college kids to create something for their Annual Preserve Our Planet Film + PSA Contest, with the theme “what you do counts.” This finalist is by Genna Duberstein of American University.

9. Best Music Video – Canvas Bags by Tim Minchin 


Australian-born comedian, actor and musician Tim Minchin is a self-proclaimed “rock ‘n roll megastar,” and he wants you to pledge to reject plastic bags (in favor of oh-so-cool canvas totes). The London-based, eyeliner-loving performer often closes his live shows with this rousing anthem, whipping the audience into a frenzy of environmental fervor, not dissimilar to America’s own Reverend Billy (but again, with more eyeliner, and bare feet).

“Canvas bags” isn’t so much funny ha ha as it is oddly fascinating. It’s over-the-top satire, catchy and entertaining. Definitely worth checking out.


Anyway you get the idea. You can go to the main site above and get the other 7. They are all funny AND every video you view there will be a POUND of CARBON offset for you. So without furthere adue or howerver you say it, drum roll and all that crap…gong!

1. Best Video by Pro Comics Learning New Media – The “Green Team”


When people think “viral videos,” many think of Funny or Die, especially the classic “Landlord” sketches with a certain baby. But one of the other gems that helped get the experimental site going is the odd-ball “Green Team,” starring Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly and Adam McKay. The do-gooders poke fun at all the green advice out there, with tips that include: “Track coyotes. And when you catch them, always remember they’re a great source of meat and protein.”

Funny or Die was founded by Ferrell and McKay’s production company, Gary Sanchez Productions. Videos are voted on by users; those that are deemed funny stay, but those that are not “die” and head to the site’s “crypt.” The Green Team is clearly hilarious.

Tommi Lewis Tilden provided research for this post. Also check out these great green videos from a friend’s site.



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