Energy Tough Love (climate change)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Energy Tough Love (climate change)
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I call this blog Energy Tough Love because I think that burning things up is a primitive behavior that we are BEYOND as a species. With the Political and Economic leadership we could quit this digging and burning behavior, leave resources in place for future generations that will need them and improve our lifestyle as a result. Let me be clear, all this digging and burning is interfering with what we all want, Life’s Necessities, Love, Family, Friends, Travel and Enterprise in no particular order. If we could Travel, for instance, without burning things up we would do more of it and have more fun at it. So this is a blog about thinking about and changing burning things up as a behavior.


This is not the answer you normally get, especially from an environmentalist. The answer you get is we have TO STOP GLOBAL WARMING to save the Earth!! While I am sometimes sarcastic about such “the sky is falling” mentality, I actually agree that global warming is a huge problem that will ultimately thin out the human herd. There is a remote possibility that it could lead to our extinction as a species. But when you really get “into” so called global warming you loose the big picture, which is what the oil conglomerates, the utility companies and fossil fuel mining companies WANT you to do. They want everyone to be dragged down into useless arguments about CO or CO2 or NOX or carbon particulates or actual world temperatures or worse yet world water temperatures or world sea levels. We can talk about that but it misses the big picture!


Is there global warming? Actually no there isn’t. What there is actually, is Global Weather Destabilization and Negative Local Sharp Variances. What a mouthful. 30 years ago a lot of “senior” environmentalists didn’t like that PHRASE because nobody would understand it (they thought) and it wasn’t sexy enough. So they chose to look at one short term phase, the very first one, and adopted Global Warming as the “only use phrase” to capture what will be a pretty horrendous experience for the humans going through it. Yes indeed the planet will warm up, but that is just the pleasant part of it. Earth only has so many mechanisms to establish equilibrium so once most of the ice melts, then the Earth is going to get real wet real fast…


So here we are 30 years later and the people who really like us to burn as much of everything as we can so they can make money, are saying “OK there is some warming, but it is not caused by Human Activity). So play this little thought game with me.

There are only five heat sources for the Earth. The Sun, Jupiter, The Earth’s core. The Moon, and hmmmmmm oh Man. There are other POTENTIAL sources like cosmic radiation, and long wave sources of energy but they are easy to measure. In addition if there were a noticeable change in those indices we would all fry before we could do much but print a few headlines and kiss our loved ones goodbye.

The Sun is in a cooling phase. Which makes what is going on locally even more frightening. Ironically it was the discussion of this cooling phase and its nonmanifestation that the BURNERS have latched onto to say no one know what’s going on – thus voile’ there is no global warming. So let me repeat, every Sun scientist agrees that the sun is in a cooling phase. The Moon only reflects light so since the Sun is cooling, the Moon’s impact is cooling too. Jupiter only minimally supplies energy to Earth, but as the second biggest entity in the Galaxy it contributes some. Is Jupiter heating up? Probably not but I usually interject the “alien” presence here for those who like the X Files or firmly believe in alien abduction. Maybe there are aliens out by Jupiter pointing a ray gun at us and heating up the planet. Then there is the Earth’s core. There is no evidence that the Earth core is getting hotter. In fact volcanic activity is in a historic period of decline that is often associated with a reversal of the magnetic field.  So who does that leave to be the “culprit” as it were, why us burners.  OOPS, there is nobody plausibly left and I did not have to mention one gas, no temperatures except the obvious that things ARE getting warmer and it looks pretty much like Humans are the cause. Just as a simple example for you gardening fans out there when I was born Illinois was a hard definite zone 5 on the back of all the seed packets. The saying for corn was “knee high by the 4rth of July”. Now we are considered a very temperate 6. The corn has tassels by the 4rth of July and is 8 ft. tall.

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