Doubts About Teaching Climate Change In Grade School and High School


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Emailed – 12/13/07


Dear Editor:


Its ironic that Mr. Jones pulls out the last of Rush Limbaugh’s bag of tricks 2 days after the British Court that was hearing the case he refers to approved the viewing of “An Inconvenient Truth” (AIT) in British High School science classes. The 11 errors he sites shrunk to 8 and then 4 and then none. The judge ruled that the film is broadly accurate.

Another irony is that I am not sure that I agree that they should show it. Al Gore never asked that that be done. Al Gore filmed AIT as a “wake up call” to the world. And the world needs it. We have got to quit burning up the planet indiscriminately. But, much like I think that religion should not be taught in public schools I am not sure scary stuff should be either. During the 60’s that approached was tried with Drivers Education. I had to sit through 2 films, 1 in 8th grade and 1 my sophomore year, that consisted mainly of young people killed in car crashes complete with bodies and blood. Did it make me a better driver? No, it grossed me out.

Do not get me wrong. I believe that nearly everything in AIT is true, but I think it would give grade school children (K-8) nightmares. I mean why learn when their future may be in doubt. I always questioned the “duck and cover” program concerning atomic bombs for the same reason. Like that was going to help me survive an atomic blast. All it really did was scare me. I have reservations about even showing it in High School science classes because teenagers have enough things for which to blame their parents. Now they are going to come home and blame their parents for environmental destruction? How’s that help? AIT is an adult film that maybe is appropriate for a senior science class at best.


Doug Nicodemus

948 e. adams st.

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