The last post led to this post

I believe the date will be the 29th.

Hello fellow environmentalists, hope all are well,

Following up on an idea that was offered Sunday’s Cool Town Meeting
forming an Enviromental Council, made up of the organizations that are
functioning locally, the following are the dates that are available at
Lincoln Library for an evening meeting:

November 20th, 26th, or 29th.

The purpose of this first meeting would be to share ideas on how we can

better support each other’s group by coordinating meetings and planning

future events together. One idea that seems to have great interest is
expansion of the Earth Awareness Fair held each April at the
Wynn Copela, the City’s Recycling Coodinator and one of the prime
organizer’s for this event is very supportive regarding all the
environmental groups comming together to discuss how this fair can be

Please get back to me regarding which date works best, & we’ll go ahead
reserve the meeting room.

Also if any group wants their meeting dates posted at , please let me know

Let’s sustain the energy that was generated Sunday!


Jim Johnston, President
Sustainable Springfield Inc.

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