Gob Nob Wind Turbine And CES Poker Scoot – What a weekend

What a weekend. I went to the Gob Nob open house on Saturday and We staged Community Energy Systems first annual fundraiser, Springfield Scooter Club’s, Poker Scoot. Much more will follow. I have a dentist appointment this morning so all I can record here and now is how EXCITED I was by both.

Gob Nob was amazing. The wind was gusting to 40 miles an hour. The turbine was pumping at 25 rotations per minute and generating 75,000 kilowatts. That was still 20,000 kilowatts SHORT of its top capacity. It was real quiet contrary to critics. We got to go inside!!! More later.

Sunday was the Poker Scoot. The wind was gusting to 30 miles an hour. What a challenge. There we were at Grab-A-Java at 2:00 pm with the wind ripping the registration forms from our hands. Still it was a blast. 5 stops, 5 cards and a winning hand. Springfield to Rochester to Chatham and back to Springfield again. NO Casualities! We raised some dough and some consciousness and made the TV. Yahoo. No wait that is trademarked. Whooo Hoo…Much more later.

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