John Edwards Energy Policy – Looks like he stole it from President Bill Richardson

OKOKOK so he probably did not steal it exactly but it is so much like the Richardson campaign statements that one has to wonder. He would make a pretty good Energy Secretary in the Richardson administration. AND as I always must say CES is endorsing no one for public office not even a dog catcher. We are posting stated public policy so people can find them in one place and compare…call it a public service. 

The League of Conservation Voters, which has not yet endorsed a candidate for president, described Edwards’ plan as the “most comprehensive global warming plan of any presidential candidate to date.

Senator Edwards’ plan demonstrates that he understands the magnitude of the challenge before us and the need for bold leadership to meet it,” LCV President Gene Karpinski said.

“Our generation must be the one that says, ‘we must halt global warming,'” said Edwards. “If we don’t act now, it will be too late. Our generation must be the one that says ‘yes’ to alternative, renewable fuels and ends forever our dependence on foreign oil. Our generation must be the one that accepts responsibility for conserving natural resources and demands the tools to do it. And our generation must be the one that builds the New Energy Economy. It won’t be easy, but it is time to ask the American people to be patriotic about something other than war.”

Edwards believes that with American ingenuity and resolve we can turn the crisis of global warming into an opportunity—ending our dependence on foreign oil and creating a new energy economy that embraces innovation, brings rural communities back to life and creates new, good-paying jobs.

The Edwards Plan halts global warming, achieves energy independence and jumpstarts a new energy economy by:

  • Capping greenhouse gas pollution starting in 2010 with a cap-and-trade system, and reducing it by 15 percent by 2020 and 80 percent by 2050, as the latest science says is needed to avoid the worst impacts of global warming.
  • Leading the world to a new climate treaty that commits other countries—including developing nations—to reduce their pollution. Edwards will insist that developing countries join us in this effort, offering to share new clean energy technology and, if necessary, using trade agreements to require binding greenhouse reductions.
  • Creating a New Energy Economy Fund by auctioning off $10 billion in greenhouse pollution permits and repealing subsidies for big oil companies. The fund will support U.S. research and development in energy technology, help entrepreneurs start new businesses, invest in new carbon-capture and efficient automobile technology and help Americans conserve energy.
  • Meeting the demand for more electricity through efficiency for the next decade, instead of producing more electricity.

Click here for more details of John Edwards’ plan to Achieve Energy Independence & Stop Global Warming Through A New Energy Economy

2 thoughts on “John Edwards Energy Policy – Looks like he stole it from President Bill Richardson

  1. Its hard to see how Edwards stole from Richardson since Edwards released his plan before Richrdson did.

  2. thanks for posting OK. I was actually trying to be funny and failed in your eyes. sorry. i was also alluding to the fact that Richardson was Secretary of Energy and has been working on his energy policies publically for a lot longer than the rest of the pack. hope you continue to comment I have 4 democratic candidates down and 4 more to go…what ever shall i do with the republicans.

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