Chris Dodd’s Energy Policy – Its short and not so sweet.

Am I Being Mean?  Well Yes I Am. But it is Sunday and I am cranky and having to put up all these 1% candidates that said, “well its now or never” is torking me off. And then their websites don’t work #$^&*! This is the paragraph that leads you to his TRUE position paper which if I am right will be longer than the last one, and windows posted a “warning windows can not open this page” even though the top of it was clearly visible. (It was mostly quotes from Kerry and Gore, etc. about what a swell environmentalist he is) I mean if you can’t hire someone to run your website effectively…can you be President? Probably not. Anyway I have included the links below and if you get it to open let me know. 


The reviews are in – from environmentalists to the leading voices on the issue of global warming: Chris Dodd’s bold energy plan is setting the standard in the presidential race. With a Corporate Carbon Tax that makes polluters pay to his call for historic fuel efficiency standards that break America’s dependence on Middle East oil by 2015, Chris Dodd is the only candidate in the field with a plan to make America the world leader on climate change and bring energy costs down for families and businesses.

Chris Dodd’s Energy Plan »  This one don’t work,

But this one does…

Ending the Iraq War Responsibly and Safely »

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