Mike Gravel’s Energy Policy – WOW short and to the point!

Yes I know all I have been doing is posting stuff with snide comments..(meant to be funny but probably not). Well the reason for that is I do not want to “compare and contrast” the plans until they are all posted. Still at this point, out of the Democrats and I hope I did not miss one…Gravel’s is the most interesting, Richardson’s is the best and I think Biden’s is the longest. Now on to the Republicans.


Global Warming—Climate Change
Senator Gravel believes that global climate change is a matter of national security and survivability of the planet. As President, he will act swiftly to reduce America’s carbon footprint in the world by initiating legislation to tax carbon at the source and cap carbon emissions. He will also initiate a massive scientific effort, integrating the world’s scientific and engineering community, to end energy dependence on oil and integrate the world’s scientific community in this task.

Progressive Fair Tax—A Green Tax
Senator Gravel’s Progressive Fair Tax proposal calls for eliminating the IRS and the income tax and replacing it with a national sales tax on new products and services. To compensate for the tax on necessities, such as food, lodging, transportation and clothing, there would be a “rebate” to reimburse taxpayers. This would be paid in a monthly check from the government to all citizens

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