Mitt Romney’s Energy Policy – At Last a Republican that has one!

Unfortunately I can’t show you much of it because he is one of those video crazed netheads. I have hunch that is why Bidden’s page did not load up for me but I will put up the link and the text and you can see for yourself.


We must become independent from foreign sources of oil. This will mean a combination of efforts related to conservation and efficiency measures, developing alternative sources of energy like biodiesel, ethanol, nuclear, and coal gasification, and finding more domestic sources of oil such as in ANWR or the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS).

“We’re using too much oil,” Romney said. “We have an answer. We can use alternative sources of energy — biodiesel, ethanol, nuclear power — and we can drill for more oil here. We can be more energy independent and we can be far more efficient in the use of that energy.”– Governor Romney, Waterloo Courier, September 29, 2006.

For those of you too lazy to watch the video he starts with production and lists all the wrong ones: Driling off shore (including ANWR) for oil, nuclear power and coal liquification.But then he goes on to talk about floor prices for alternatives and imporved efficiency…so far the only Republican to do that to.

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