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OK so it is only fitting that I start this post with a site that isn’t a blog but well it is so warm and fuzzy:




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This Blog is pretty cool and very topical:

Renewable energy sector feels impact of economic downturn

February 6th, 2009 · No Comments

Two recent articles say that the renewable energy sector has been suffering from the effects of the credit crisis. The International Herald Tribune announced that “installation of wind and solar power is plummeting. Factories building parts for these industries have announced a wave of layoffs in recent weeks, and trade groups are projecting 30 to 50 percent declines this year in installation of new equipment, barring more help from the government. Prices for turbines and solar panels, which soared when the boom began a few years ago, are falling.”
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This Blog ranges all over the place from serious to soft. It is generally accurate though, where some are not:

Wind power forecasting in the US

As the prevalance of wind power increases, so does the importance of being able to answer the question, “Is the wind going to blow?” As this article on wind power forecasting points out:

An unexpected lack of wind in the US can cause blackouts. This is one problem that many regions in the United States of America may face on the short and medium term as a consequence of the country’s growing dependence on renewable energies, particularly wind power.

With that in mind, a project is underway to make wind power forecasting more accurate.


This Blog tends towards the financial, but has some real life applications as well:

Metrobank and Sumitomo-Mitsui Bank sign deal for carbon credit sourcingPublicly listed Metrobank had partnered up with the Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp (SMBC) of Japan for the development of a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project in the Philippines. Based from our understanding of the deal, SMBC will tap Metrobank’s extensive client base in the Philippines for subscription into the Carbon Credit Market.

Both banks are looking to tap into the Renewable Energy sector that was recently spurred by the passage and signing of the Philippine’s Renewable Energy Bill that seeks to give incentives to businesses that will put up renewable energy projects in the country. These businesses therefore make money, not just from their regular business model, but from the trading of their excess carbon units.
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This Blog is Corporate I believe and very terse. It has useful articles though:

Alternative Energy Blog

Thursday, October 20, 2005
There looks like there’s been a breakthrough in the production of Solar Cells.  At UCLA, Engineers have developed a method of making solar energy cells out of everyday plastic.  The cells can be produced for 10-20% less than current cells and the engineering team at UCLA hopes to have the cell’s efficiency up to around 15-20%.  These cells could be commercially available in just a few years.It seems that UCLA is in a race with New Mexico State University and Wake Forest University to create affordable solar cells using plastic.  Using nanotechnology, NMSU and WFU have already achieved an efficiency level of 5.2 percent.


We end on this funny note…it hasn’t been updated since 2005! Apparently it’s just a “Google Scoop” to get Ad dollars with very little effort.



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