Seven Deadly Sins Revised – Beyond Oil is pretty funny

This was not what I had planned for today’s Post. But when I saw it on Peak Oil it just kinda reached out and grabbed me (abracadabra):

And Reposted Here:

So Baby makes three:


  1. Thou shalt not drive an SUV at 70 miles per hour on the freeway, with the air-conditioner running, just to pick up a half gallon of milk at the grocery store.
  2. Thou shalt not waste energy and water by enjoying long hot showers.
  3. Thou shalt not vote for a presidential candidate who does not speak up about peak oil.
  4. Thou shalt not read the writings of Michael Lynch, Daniel Yergin, Jed Mouawad, or ExxonMobil. Pray that they may soon recognize the Truth.
  5. Thou shalt not oppose sainthood for M. King Hubbert. He’ll be St. Marion.
  6. Thou shalt not have more than four grandchildren. Blessed are they that leave no more than two grandchildren. (The Vatican has yet to approve this one.)
  7. Thou shalt not grant priority to those who preach about climate change. Their hearts are in the right place, but their minds are focused on a lesser issue. Change is where it’s at.

Ed: While we’re at it, we can offer an 11th commandment. It’s called the Spitzer Amendment, “Don’t get caught.”

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