Polluted Water Floods Colorado – That stuff is not your pure mountain springs

My cousins Matt and Andy live in Boulder and my bestest friends Julie and Wayne live in the flood basin out near Frederick. Neither is in any danger, but life has become inconvenient for them all. Bottle water is hard to find. I do not drink the stuff because it is environmentally stupid and a landfill threat but some people drink nothing else. Wayne has to call the State Police before he sets off for work at night to make sure he can get through. But nobody is talking about the pollution this flooding is spreading.

And now they are saying in Weld County that a pipeline has broken and they have to idea what is leaking out. The pictures from this piece make me sick to my stomach.


Is there a media blackout on the fracking flood disaster in Colorado?


by TXsharon on September 15, 2013

See update below before trying to post a comment.


I will update this post as residents send me pictures and video.


We need the national news stations to go cover the environmental disaster that’s happening in Colorado right now.

This picture taken by a resident is from yesterday:

>>Picture omitted<<

From an email.


I see you’ve noticed the underwater wells in Weld County, Colorado. Amazing; we’ve emailed the Denver TV stations, other media, and state and local politicians. We’ve sent pictures that our members have taken. It’s like the media and politicians have been TOLD not to say anything about it. There has been no mention of the gas wells on the Denver newscasts either last night or this evening although all stations have had extensive and extended flood coverage. You can see underwater wells in the background of some of the newscast videos, and yet the reporters say absolutely nothing.


Go there and read. More next week.


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