I Know Its Kinda Jarring

 Going from important Presidential politics to weird birds but heh its always nice to take a break and have fun with your kids.  


Editors Note: The picture that was here was a young mother (maybe 24) holding an infant and giving someone a very angry middle finger (the bird) while shouting. Her two younger children were also giving that same person the bird while shouting and a cute 3 year old was shouting but pointing at them…being too young to “give someone the finger”. very nice. but the archives of this site “lost” the picture. its the first time that has happened..sorry!

Oh its back…cooool!

Still one wonders is the baby too young for the bird and why can’t daughter #3 (whom you can’t see because of my bad technique..she’s pointing with her index finger) seem to get it right…must be something wrong with the public education system.

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