Weird Bird Friday or as we call it TGI(WB)F

If there something terribly important happens on Friday or if there is work to do, I will post it. Sometimes I even post on the weekend (Yuck). But I have wailed on FutureGen, the Taylorville Energy Center and the Environmentalist who rolled over for them. So today we just will have fun. As always these woop it up Fridays are dedicated to Sue and John. Many of you know that from a young age they both shared a passion for collecting rare chinese miniatures. In time they have become some of the leading environmentalists in the Denver area.

You can see their blog about all things Denver (though amusingly they have taken a Michigan turn) at:

or listed on CES’ Blogroll on your right. Speaking of the barf bag to your right!


Unfortunately this was emailed to me by a friend as a very long forward so I has no attribution but I am sure that someone at Saudi Air could tell you? Email them and see what they say.

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