Weird Bird Friday (on Saturday)

I went to Mason City to see my sister Joann who lives in Dothan Alabama whom I had not seen for awhile so I did not get to post a Weird Bird on Friday. So as a tribute to fellow blogger, canoeist, and all round camper John Martin and his better half Susan Kay I post my birds today. His blog is

One of the reasons I want people to burn less is not for people but for our fellow companions on this planet, the flora and the fauna. Cate and I have numerous butterfly and bird attractors on our spralling spread. So I wanted to show you all our little flitters and flyers. Unfortunately:


There were no golden finches on the finch feeder,


no barn swallows on their nest,


 and no humming birds on their feeder!!

In fact the closest birds I could find were these little starlings up on the pole at the corner of our property.


 Which of course you can not see because its a “point and shoot” digital fricking camera that I still can’t seem to get the hang of. So what gives? And then I saw the problem.


Where the heck is Billy Bob (John and Susans beloved frisby chasing dog) when you need him?

But I did get a shot that shows that birds indeed land on electrical wires and live unlike the last weird bird.


2 doves (errr actually pigeons) sitting on a wire. Ahhh isn’t love grand.

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