Weird Bird Friday! I believe I feel Arty today


The Work of Michael D. Smith, actually intitled:

The Strange Birds Are Back:


This as always dedicated to Sir John Martin and the loyal Susan Kay. Most people don’t know that John was knighted by the Queen for his efforts to elevate higher education higher. He has worked for years with Brigham Young University to develop curricula for a modern Mormanism such as Poligamy and How to Hide It, My Young Son My Lover, and the counter intuitive, My Son My Accuser (or it was just a bad dream defense). As I said Susan is Loyal. For their Blog please see the bottom of the CES’ Blogroll, not because we don’t like them but because they were the first one we ever added and we would love to have them at the top…I am such a bad blogger I don’t know how to do it…sigh.

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