Weird Bird Friday – The State Fair

I know its totally weird that I spend so much time on the Illinois State Fair, but if I don’t get my corndog, my lemon shakeup, my french fries with the skins on doused in malt and our trip to the Chicken show at the Orr building, I can get cranky. Yes we tour the sheep barn too, but don’t expect any Weird Sheep Friday anytime soon.

Animal lovers and PETA people close your eyes because this is 2000-3000 Birds all in once place in …how can I say it…ah CAGES.

And yes John and Susan we go to the Chicken show every year…

First up the prize winning Turkey (no kidding)!


Then the prize winning Duck (quack quack) it really is a loud building to visit.


Showing some cute duck ass.

Mic Jagger the Chicken.


The dancing nearly naked chicken.


 And This BAD BOY in all his glory.


Those little things sticking out of the water bowel – yea they are chicken straws and who would break the last one?

Finally the big question -would you eat this angry bird? No probably not. Eggs – no way!


To the seminal question “Do chickens have lips”? Oddly the technical answer is yes! Look very very closely.

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