Alternative Energy Blogs And Green Blogs – As we slide towards the softer side of Sears

No offense meant but anybody including yours truely can have a blog. This first Blog was kind of interesting but apparently it died in 2005. What was it about 2005? Everyone thought, “Heh i could have had a Blog”? Then … Continue reading

Energy Blogs – The lighter greener side of things

OK so it is only fitting that I start this post with a site that isn’t a blog but well it is so warm and fuzzy:       Spread the Love And You Could Win A Free Bouquet … Continue reading

Energy And Environmental Blog’s – What my competito….friends have been up to lately

This site is not for the average reader or for the weak at heart. This is hard core energy news with BLOGS by people who DO, teach not…. as Yoda might say: Interesting ideas and viewpoints are constantly emerging … Continue reading

Energy Consumption And Water Consumption Go Hand In Hand – Throw it away throw it awa….

Only contrary to the new environmental mantra there really is an “away” to water. Once its befouled (I love that word), then un-befouling it is difficult. Take for instaces what is happening to the bulk of the fresh water in … Continue reading

Will Barack Obama Make A Great President? If he stands as tall on the environment and energy as he talks

He has said some very good things on the “Green Economy” or Sustainability. If he does what he says he will be a great President. If he doesn’t, he won’t be a great President. Simple as that. Barack Obama … Continue reading

Energy Tax Credits For 2009 – The last parting shot from GWB Energy-Efficiency Home and Vehicle Tax Credits Energy-Efficiency Home and Vehicle Tax Credits President Bush has signed into law new consumer tax credits for energy efficiency home improvements, as well as purchases of plug-in hybrid vehicles. These provisions were included … Continue reading

Merry Christmas From Everyone at Community Energy Systems

If you think Christmas is about crass comercialism than go here: But if you think Christmas is about lowering your use of fossil fuels, and other scare resources, please try here: (:=}

Everyone Takes A Traditional View Of The Economy – They see the death of new energy markets – a replacment post for 12/03/08

But we know that is all Capitalist Mythology. The Economy is what we want it to be and what the government tells it to be. We all used to travel by horse (or animal). Then the government ordered Steamships and … Continue reading

Novel Uses Of Energy – People are always thinking

To finish up the week of silly (stop this skit) uses of energy, we bring you the life sucking essence, the Data Center. Or really big computers using really really big amounts of power. Data Centers Explore Novel Ways … Continue reading