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Welcome to Community Energy Systems!

Community Energy Systems’ mission is to educate the public regarding energy conservation, energy efficiency, and the prudent and fair operation of utility companies. We believe that mission requires both intellectual and practical applications. See our complete Mission Statement.

Seeking Donated Building
Community Energy Systems is seeking a donated building to convert to an Environmental Center. We would like to perform Springfield's first ever Green Teardown and a Green Rebuild. This Environmental Center would serve as free office space for the various environmental groups in Springfield, IL. We would seek donations, residential wind turbines and solar panels to power the Center. If you or anyone you know can donate a house or an appropriate building in Springfield, IL please contact Community Energy Systems at 217-629-7031.

At Community Energy Systems we are proud of our achievements in the last 6 years. These include:

2012 - For the third time CES hosted a booth at the LLCC Green Day. This year was special because we also helped dedicated their new Green Center which trains workers in Solar and Wind Turbine installation and maintenance. The Director, Doug Nicodemus gave guest talks to both the Green Clubs at UIS and LLCC and the LLCC first Green Center’s graduating class. The organization pursued properties for donation on North Grand and through the City of Springfield’s Community Revitalization Program. We also had a booth at the Earth Awareness Fair again at Southwind Park.

2011 - CES participated in many efforts at environmental outreach including: planning and working at the Earth Springfield meet and greet for elected officials, the Occupy Movement and their later marches, and the Environmental Awareness Fest at Southwind Park. We held meetings with our State Representatives to ask for their support. This included Larry Bomke, Rich Braur, Gary Mitchel, and Bill Brady none of whom were supportive and a meeting with Lt. Governor Shelia Simon who was very supportive. CES opposed the Smart Grid legislation that was ultimately passed. We pursued residential properties on Lewis, 4th , 11th and Lawrence Streets. We began discussions with Town and Country Bank about financing a purchase.

2010 - CES met with and discussed the our goal of the creation of an Environmental Center in Springfield with all 10 of the Springfield’s City Council and then Mayor Davlin. We had similar discussion with relevant County Board members. We were the founding members of an environmental ad hoc group called Earth Springfield that held monthly meetings for the sharing of environmental information. Sought the donations of building including an abandoned building on English Street. Participated in the Earth Awareness Festival at the PCCC. Participated in the Enos Park and MacArthur Boulivard neighborhood associations meetings to create development plans. Joined in opposition to the 3rd Street Corridors for High Speed Rail.

2009 - CES held 2 fundraisers with the Springfield Scooter Club. These Poker Scoots (Poker Runs) were fun and raised awareness about fuel efficient transportation. Through those Scoots CES gained its first Television coverage. We pursued two opportunities to establish the Environmental Center. One was with the local United Church of Christ and the other was with the Enos Park Neighborhood Association. People seem to be excited about the idea but getting a donated building is challenging. Our Website continues to be very popular. CES' website received over 100,000 visits.

2008 - Our biggest success was getting City Water Light and Power, the Springfield, IL utility to substantially increase its PURA Standards. Our second success was our web presence. We received nearly 100,000 visits on our Website. We also participated in groups such as Clean Air Springfield, The Earth Awareness Fair, Safe Water Springfield, CWLP's Energy Forums and Sustainable Springfield. We joined with other groups to fight deep well injection in the ADM, FutureGen and the Taylorville Energy Center. CES worked with the City of Beardstown to help it attain some sources of renewable energy.

2007 - Launching the organization. This included filing with the Federal, State, County and the Attorney General of Illinois all organizational papers to give CES Tax Exempt Status. We were awarded that status by the end of the year by all concerned. This also included creating, and producing stationary and business cards for the organization. The creation of this website which includes content pages, and the Energy Tough Love blog. CES along with dozens of other organizations lobbied against and won a rate increase reduction for millions of Illinoisans. This also involved the Attorney General negating the illegal "reverse auction" process, created the Illinois Public Power Authority and forcing the electrical distribution companies to purchase power at reasonable rates with transparent contracts.

Please Donate
Community Energy Systems is a small nonprofit organization. Please go to our donation page and make a contribution if you can.