Weird Bird Saturday – The Buffalo Gnats are gone and the Japanese Beetles are here

So I don’t really have an excuse for not doing the bird on Friday but sadly my partner Susan Kay has lost her way. She no longer posts so I may have to consider letting the Bird fly away. Sigh.


I thought I would show the “trick” to the Hummingbird Lady as a sign off.

Weird Bird Saturday – I am allergic to Buffalo Gnats

I can’t play outside on Saturdays anymore.


So I will be posting birds on Saturday for awhile. What’s so weird about these birds? The photographer claims that one is a boy and one is a girl. Which is which?

Dedicated to John Martin and Susan Kay who have been committed Allegoricists for years. They Blog about all things Denver and are listed on our BlogRoll.

Hummingbirds That Eat Out Of Your Hand – Thanks to Cindy Musgrove

The former Cindy Paddock that now operates a Framing/Art Busines in Wray Colorado sent me this Photo. Pretty amazing…its not so much that the birds look weird, they are acting weird.


Dedicated to John Martin and Susan Kay who blog at

Weird Bird Friday – It’s been a long week, considering the end of the world and all that

But now it’s TGI(WB)F! So let’s party with a master:–1947–Silkscreen-print–80332.html


Henry Matisse’s Shark and the Bird

An artistic throw down to Susan Kay of the Drunkablog fame.  Susan and John have a huge art collection including several rare and valuable Oller’s.  

Weird Bird Friday – In the spirit of Homo Sapien being an Omnivore

Thank God It’s Weird Bird Friday. I spent the last couple of days comtemplating a disrupted foodchain and chewing on field corn. YUCK! Hand me my shotgun ma I’m going to shoot me something.…/vegarian_restaurant.asp


Dedicated John Martin and Susan Kay who blog about all things Denver and the up coming Democratic Convention.

Its a little know fact that John collects political pins fiercely and very competitively. Susan has tried to get him to stop to no avail. This is a picture of a small portion of his collection:


If she can’t get him to stop where will they have room to store them?

Weird Bird Friday – Thanks Harry

My Friend Harry Haynes likes Weird Bird Friday and he sent this obviously photoshopped image. Its funny so TGI(WB)F.



As always dedicated to Susan Kay and John Martin who blog about all things Denver and are listed in our Blogroll. It is a widely kept secret that they are expert Flautists who entertain small poor children in Boulder on the weekends. Way to go!


Weird Bird Friday – Another fallen angel

Yet another bird gone bad: TGI(WB)F!


This as always dedicated to John Martin and Susan Kay of the Denver area who for years have collected antique muscle cars and have a collection rivaling  Jay Leno’s….though they drive their cars in competition unlike the wuss that Leno has become.

Weird Bird Friday – This is an intriquing idea

Todays Darker Side celebrates the fallen weird bird. My friend Harry Haynes wrote me to say that he had seen his guardian angel and he was excited. I said what are you talking about. He sent this back. All I can say is TGI(WB)F.!


Weird Bird Friday! I believe I feel Arty today


The Work of Michael D. Smith, actually intitled:

The Strange Birds Are Back:


This as always dedicated to Sir John Martin and the loyal Susan Kay. Most people don’t know that John was knighted by the Queen for his efforts to elevate higher education higher. He has worked for years with Brigham Young University to develop curricula for a modern Mormanism such as Poligamy and How to Hide It, My Young Son My Lover, and the counter intuitive, My Son My Accuser (or it was just a bad dream defense). As I said Susan is Loyal. For their Blog please see the bottom of the CES’ Blogroll, not because we don’t like them but because they were the first one we ever added and we would love to have them at the top…I am such a bad blogger I don’t know how to do it…sigh.