About Community Energy Systems

Community Energy Systems formed with the intention of educating the public on today’s energy issues. Some of the things we hope to accomplish is the use of:

  • State of the art energy devices. We hope to either inhabit or build an office for the organization that uses the most effective energy devices available.
  • Advanced educational outreach. This will include an interactive web site, downloadable educational tools, downloadable conservation tools, hands on teaching with k-12 students, and outreach to the community through public speaking.
  • Full support of and interaction with the professional energy community. This would include the electricians, the steamfitters and plumbers, and the generation unions, HVAC contractors, builders and zoning officials.

CENSYS Mission Statement

Community Energy Systems’ mission is to educate the public regarding energy conservation, energy efficiency, and the prudent and fair operation of utility companies. We believe that mission requires both intellectual and practical applications. To achieve this mission we will:

Create an energy showplace as an office space to demonstrate the most effective energy devices available. Whether the office is “off the grid” is open to discussion but it would at least contain 2007 lighting, heating and cooling as well as solar and wind generated alternatives;

Advance educational outreach, by including an interactive website, downloadable educational tools, conservation tools, and providing hands on teaching with k-12 students, and engaging the community through public speaking;

Establish an organization that has the full support of and interaction with the professional energy vendor/service community, including electricians, steamfitters and plumbers, and generation unions, as well as HVAC contractors, builders and zoning officials; This group will be a sophisticated, nonprofit organization with streamlined paper structure, and advanced grants writing/fundraising techniques with novel approaches like building and selling an energy efficient house or selling some form of easy to use energy efficient, low cost devices (e.g. solar rechargeable batteries for home sump pumps or advanced, compact fluorescent light bulbs).

Maintain interaction through comment before the ICC and other energy regulatory bodies in select energy related dockets, and educate lawmakers about energy conservation to work towards effective conservation/efficiency laws. Also to work with stockholders of utility companies to effect change.

Interact with communities traditionally over looked by Energy Conservation Groups like environmental and religious communities, by establishing and maintaining dialog on the nature of stewardship of the earth and its many resources.

CENSYS Board of Directors

  • Doug Nicodemus, President
    Doug is nonprofit public administrator and long time energy advocate.
  • Matt Nicodemus, Vice President
    Matt is a community activist based in Boulder CO.
  • Steve Nicodemus, Treasurer 
    Steve is in the Peace Corp and is a teacher in Guinea.