California Was A Disappointment In This Election – First the religious bigots again outlaw marriage for those that are gay

But then they knock down a couple of very important environmental initiatives. I so tired of Christian flakes and kooks I could tear my hair and scream.


Mixed Bag for State Environmental Ballot Initiatives

Published on November 5th, 2008

[Update: I seemed to have overlooked an important constitutional amendment passed in Minnesota that established a funding mechanism for conservation programs. My apologies to our friends in the North Star State. See comments for more.]For many Americans, participatory democracy means choosing between the people who will choose for you. But for voters in 36 states, electoral democracy exists beyond the parameters of representative government. In the states where the tools of direct democracy like referendums and ballot initiatives are employed, preferences of voters are gauged directly on amendments to state constitutions, specific policy questions, budgeting issues and more. Of the 153 measures at stake across the country in yesterday’s election, about a dozen dealt with energy and the environment. Below are the results and analysis of eight of the more notable measures (in no particular order):

 Missouri Proposition C: Yes

Colorado Referendum 58: No

Colorado Referendum 52: No

Florida Amendment 4: Yes

Washington Proposition 1: Still undecided

Ohio Issue 2: Yes

California Proposition 1A: Yes

California Proposition 2: Yes

California Proposition 7: No

California Proposition 10: No



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