John McCain And The Myth Of The Multiple Nukes – A goal is 100 Nukes or Double our current capacity

I wrote in the title of a previous post that John McCain just doesn’t get it about energy policy. A commenter took me to task for attacking McCain personally not his policies. Well lets see, he wants to build 45 Nukes to start. That would come with a price tag of 150 billion$$s and if you have looked at the credit markets lately, that just makes no sense. Georgia Power is about to try to “self-finance” 1 Nuke at a cost of 3 billion$$s. I have serious doubts about whether they shall succeed.

John McCain Will Put His Administration On Track To Construct 45 New Nuclear Power Plants By 2030 With The Ultimate Goal Of Eventually Constructing 100 New Plants. Nuclear power is a proven, zero-emission source of energy, and it is time we recommit to advancing our use of nuclear power. Currently, nuclear power produces 20% of our power, but the U.S. has not started construction on a new nuclear power plant in over 30 years. China, India and Russia have goals of building a combined total of over 100 new plants and we should be able to do the same. It is also critical that the U.S. be able to build the components for these plants and reactors within our country so that we are not dependent on foreign suppliers with long wait times to move forward with our nuclear plans.

:}  So where to start?We do not have the skilled workers to build them.We don’t have the money to build them.

We don’t have safe sites to put them on.

We don’t have the fuel to put in them.

We couldn’t afford the electricity they would produce.

Not to mention all the energy that we would have to burn to build them and to fuel them.

But the worst mistake here is that we have NO PLACE TO put the waste.

All this to just boil water?

So we leave our great grandchildren with the legacy of radioactive waste, financial debt and expensive energy that they can’t use?!? Look if there was a metal or and an award for NOT GETTING it, John McCain should be awarded it immediately.


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