Automobile Mass Transportation – More green then driving yourself

I have some questions about this guest post. I have a hard time imagining this as a true green option. I guess if you took the train to where you are going, or if the car is going to someone else maybe. It is hard to think of long haul truckers as being the friends of the environment but as always I am open to new ideas.


Preston Web

Automobile Transporting – Something to consider when moving a car


When thinking about “going green” and the different ways in which one can retrofit their lifestyle to live more sustainably, is not usually one of the first green alternatives to pop into mind. However, with the great advancements being made in the freight shipping industry, auto shipping has become a much more viable choice than ever before.


Moving your vehicle with an auto transport company has always been a sustainable option considering the fact that you’re using one truck to ship multiple cars, which can cut the amount of fuel consumption by up to 80%. If you were to multiply the gallons of gas saved on each auto shipment by the thousands of auto shipments which are made every year, the total amount of fuel saved would be tremendous.


Now beyond the reduction of fuel consumption that is already associated with using freight transport to move your vehicle, there are a number of innovations that are helping to make auto shipping a much more eco-friendly option. Some of the cutting-edge technologies being utilized by environmentally aware companies include:


–         Idle Reduction

–    Aerodynamic Technology

–         Diesel Oxidation

–         Modernized Logistics Systems

–         Emission Reduction

–         Crankcase Ventilation Filters

–         Emission Reduction



Before choosing an auto transport company for your shipment, be sure to inquire as to what methods of sustainability they are currently putting into practice. If the only response you get is, “Well, we recently put in a recycling bin here at the office,” then you might want to consider a different service provider.


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