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This blog was really set up to parallel CES’ interest in the residential energy market. But I have ended up for one reason or another writing about nuclear disasters, the oil spill in the gulf last year and religion among other things. So this is an attempt to try to get back to our roots today.

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  1. RES is now a certified LEED Verifier!   RES is now certified to support your efforts toward Green building design.  Click here to read more about the LEED Green Building Rating System™ and how your home or project can become LEED certified today. LEED_Verification.html


  2. Home Energy Audits
  3. Residential Energy Services is an experienced consulting and analysis firm providing an accurate, effective, and user-friendly approach to improving your home’s energy consumption.  After a scheduled home energy test we provide the home owner with a Home Energy Evaluation Report of prioritized energy saving recommendations.  The homeowner can then decide what improvements they can make themselves and what may need to be addressed professionally through a third-party contractor.
  4. For more information on our Home Energy Audit Services, including our service area, pricing, and the Home Energy Audit process click here or on the link at the top of the screen.
  5. Builder Certification
  6. At Residential Energy Services, we also provide Energy Star Certification services to builders in the residential new construction industry.  A contract can be arranged to provide scheduled testing of new projects upon their completion.  For more information or to discuss the benefits of Energy Start Certification in new construction, please call us at (440) 835-5735.


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