IDNR Says Your Are Not Sick From Fracking Unless You Can Prove It

So this regulation says essentially that you are never sick from fracking unless the Frackers and the IDNR agree that you are sick from fracking AND your doctor can prove it. Now of course you can’t prove it because they will not release a list of the chemicals  that they are using so you can test the environment for the chemicals so they can not say that they are naturally occurring. Got that?


Today is Day 8 of the 45 day Comment period on fracking in Illinois.  We start week 2.

Today’s comment is on the circular definition of an “affected patient.”

Here’s what to do to make your comment today:

IDNR identifies the definition of an “Affected Patient” as “a person receiving health care services from a health professional for an illness or injury diagnosed by the health professional to be caused by exposure to any chemicals used in high volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing operations that are subject to a claim of trade secret by a permittee or contractor.”

PROBLEM:  This definition is circular: in order to learn what chemical was used, a physician must first test for that chemical so s/he can prove s/he has a right to disclosure of the proprietary chemical.  How can a doctor diagnose exposure to a secret chemical used in high volume fracking before s/he knows what the secret cheemicals are to test for?

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