Nuclear Power People Should Be In Jail – But for much simpler crimes

To me, “having nowhere to store the waste” or “there being cheaper alternatives”, should be jailing offenses before the fact.  I think the crime should be digging a giant hole in the ground and putting nothing in it. I think the crime should be building a power plant you will never fuel. I think. I think there should be a nuclear jail for all the nuclear criminals in the US of A. But I guess this will have to do.

New criminal charges filed against Westinghouse official in SC’s nuclear plant failure


A second high-ranking employee of Westinghouse Electric is facing criminal charges in connection with the multi-billion dollar failure of the doomed nuclear project in Fairfield County.

Jeffrey Benjamin, a former Westinghouse senior vice president of new plants and projects, faces multiple counts of fraud, according to an 18-page indictment made public Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Columbia.

It is the latest criminal charge in a four-year federal investigation of what went wrong at the highest levels of two substantial American companies — Westinghouse and the former SCANA Corporation.

The charges against Benjamin are “for his role in failing to truthfully report information regarding construction of new nuclear units at the V.C. Summer nuclear plant,” Acting U.S. Attorney Rhett DeHart said in a press release.

Benjamin’s alleged cover-up of billions of dollars in losses at Westinghouse’s troubled nuclear plants in South Carolina and Georgia were part of a series of events leading to the company’s bankruptcy in March 2017, according to the indictment.

“The defendant’s misrepresentations and omissions, as well as the associated cover-up, resulted in billions of dollars in losses to (SCANA), ratepayers and investors,” the indictment said.


Go there and get mad. More next week.


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