The Sierra Club, The National Resources Defense Council, the Environmental Law and Policy Center and to a certain extent CUB are all industry sellouts

What a disturbing year this has been on the environmental front. People are starting to realize that what I have been saying for a couple of years is true. The large environmental organizations based in Chicago have become industry sock puppets. They have been taking donations from utilities and other industry nasties and letting the industries run roughshod over the whole state. In short they have sold out, and activists around the nation are starting to realize it. The Fracking bill they helped pass was seriously flawed.  When we tried to point out that it was flawed they laughed at us and said we should be “showing them gratitude” for all the concessions they got out of industry. Really? The bill doesn’t take into consideration protections that other states have demanded.

— Illinois came a giant step closer to approving the nation’s strictest regulations for high-volume oil and gas drilling on Friday, as lawmakers approved a measure they hoped would create thousands of jobs in economically depressed areas of southern Illinois.

The Senate passed the legislation 52-3, one day after it was overwhelmingly approved in the other chamber. Gov. Pat Quinn promised to sign it, calling the legislation a “shot in the arm for many communities.”

The legislation was crafted with the help of industry and some environmental groups — an unusual collaboration that has been touted as a potential model for other states.

Legislation sponsor Mike Frerichs, a Champaign Democrat, said stakeholders “sat down for hundreds and thousands of hours” to hammer out the issue.

“These are tough regulations that are going to protect and preserve our most valuable resources in our state,” he told floor members. “We are going to increase home produced energy in our state in one of the most environmentally friendly ways possible.”

While proponents have said hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” would generate tens of thousands of jobs, opponents have been pushing for a two-year moratorium to allow more time to examine health and environmental impact. They are worried fracking could cause pollution and deplete water resources.


Go there and read if you can stomach it. More next week.


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