Renters And Energy Conservation – Talking to your landlord

I know it sounds sorta dumb but if you talk to the landlord about your interest in saving energy…you may find out that he shares your beliefs or is at least neutral about it. If on the other hand he makes rude comments or says something like, “I ain no treehugger”, then you need to drop it. If he seems neutral or somewhat interested. DO NOT ask him to DO anything right away. Follow the tips I have posted here and that are widely available on the web. Then you should causally mentions some of the things that you have done. Look for things that might interest him. Just as an example if you have access to the water heater and he pays the bills…tell him you turned it down and ask if he notice any savings….

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Alison Kaufmann Alison Kaufmann Energy Conservation Specialist
Tom Jewell Tom Jewell
Energy Conservation Coordina

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Renter’s Delight, low energy bill

Even while renting, you have more control over your resources than you think.

  • Buy a water filter and use reusable water bottles instead of buying plastic water bottles.
  • Use CFLs in your light fixtures
  • Stop the junk mail by visiting
  • Control your thermostat setting
  • Ask your landlord about making energy efficient improvements for all rental properties
  • Get a green shower curtain, made of organic cotton, like these
  • Use a low flow shower head

Let us know what you do in your place to conserve and don’t forget to share this page with others.


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