Republicans Are Racist, Antimuslim, HomoPhobes, And Climate Change Deniers

But when it comes to the Economy they are so far off the mark that they don’t even understand that market restriction (regulation) is the only way for capitalism to survive. The Utility Industry is a perfect example. Your best source for in-depth information about regulated industries.
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Browse or search our detailed explanations of various economic principles. Our essays and articles cover a wide range of topics, including those typically encountered in traditional regulatory proceedings, and more current issues that are relevant to emerging regulatory markets.

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Browse or search excerpts from expert testimony and reports prepared for state regulatory commissions and other government agencies. Topics include Alternative Regulation, Rate Design, Cost of Capital, Universal Service, and many others.

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Easily access selected federal legislation that has impacted the public utility industries, and government reports, data and other documents provided by federal and state regulatory agencies.

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Search our regulatory decision database for final orders, rule makings and other decisions. Our database includes hundreds of decisions issued since 1995.


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