The Top Fifty Environmental Blogs – Well we are getting there

I know. With this installment we will be nearing 20 Blogs but after tommorow we will be halfway there. Big yaaaaay for us and we start off with CleanTechies which are our friends on Facebook Nicodemus though they are not our friends on Myspace  :+{ oh but first I must say


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I got these from a list that claims to be a “catalog” of green blogs but it includes things like Gardening Nude and its first blog is Green Seduction. Now I am sure that these are real nice folks and I BET they get a lot of hits but…they ain’t Cleantechies:

Clean Tech in Finland, Ice Baths & Hot Saunas

Ian ThomsonPublished on Tags December 2nd, 2009 by Ian Thomson  Share

Finland's Saunas

This seems to be the Finnish response to RMI’s Amory Lovins’ “Hot Showers and Cold Beer.” I arrived in Helsinki about 10 hours ago, though thanks to an airport worker’s strike and a spirited bout of jet lag, I’m only now getting to walk around the city. I have yet to get my vitamin D for the day, the weather was foggy and rainy when we arrived, and the sun set predictably early at around 4PM, which meant that my three hour nap killed any possible exposure, and I won’t lie, I feel it.

From my research in preparation for this trip, Finland has made some impressive commitments to both the environment and stimulating clean tech initiatives. What it doesn’t have in sun resources for much of the year, it makes up for in tremendous water, biomass and commitment to pursuing technological solutions. Thanks to the Finnish government’s interest in promoting the country’s clean energy leadership – and me winning a spirited game of rochambeau (rock-paper-scissors) with my colleagues for the chance to accept their invitation – I will spend the next three days visiting Finnish clean tech companies and organizations.


Then there is one of my favorites because I hate the fact that we are turning oil into plastic shopping bags. What will our grandchildren say about us when they realise what we have done.


Recycled Flat Bottom Plastic Tote Bag

Blue Plarn Tote

This week I present my recycled plastic flat bottom tote bag. This tote bag features a wide flat bottom so it is very roomy and can stand up. I also added regular worst yarn to the handles for color and to make the handles more comfortable when you carry this bag on your shoulder or by hand.

Here is a closeup the bag bottom so you can see how this bag is worked in rounds, without seams and is flat.
Flat Bottom Bag Closeup
Flat Bottom Bag Closeup2
You can add a piece of cardboard or plastic canvas for extra strength and stability to the bottom. Here is a photo with a piece of cardboard added. You can click on any of the photos to super-size them for more details.

So this wraps up this week’s recycled bag project. Below you will find the complete free crochet pattern and details. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you make it a great day today!

Flat Bottom Recycled Tote Bag Pattern

Materials needed:
One very large ball of plastic bag yarn “Plarn
Approx. 60 plastic grocery bags
Here is my picture tutorial on how to make plarn from plastic bags
1 oz worst yarn for trim

Hooks: “N” U.S. size metal hook for bag
“H” Hook for trim

Description: Recycled Flat Bottom Plastic Tote Bag
Bag measures 15” wide and 13” long with 14” handles and 6? wide at base

Using N hook, Ch 22. (more…)


Then there is the guy who puts his money where his mouth is. His blog is largely video so I don’t really feel like going to all the time and trouble to put the content here but:

and if you go to his profile you can see a list of the Blogs he follows. The dude must read all day.


Milieunet Foundation


Milieunet Foundation is a non-profit organisation focused on awareness and change of behaviour by means of communication about waste, energy, sustainability, nature, environment, climate, human rights and international development cooperation.

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More Tomorrow and the day after and the day after and….


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    In response to your most recent blog.

    I am indeed a greening and environmental expert – simply creatively marketed. is a website which provides green tips and ideas for simple living and green lifestyle living. The title is based on the green living book I wrote with the same title.

    Would love to learn more about you and how you are educating on environmentalism and sustainability.

    Best wishes,

    Shawna Coronado

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  3. welcome shawana, i support gentle and light hearted approaches to both gardening and sexuality. i believe that we need both to change our attitude towards mother earth. i was trying to be ironic about the way people construct “lists of the best” environmental blogs in the same way that i have approached “lists of energy savings tips”. i hope i did not offend, such was not my intent. i hope to hear more from you here in the future.

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