For Halloween I Give You Trolls – Ok this is not the ElectroLux story

So what is the ElectroLux Story anyway? Well it seems that in the 1960s a Swedish firm bought the ElectroLux vacuum cleaner company. They told the advertising firm in New York that they wanted to design the first advertsing commercial  for the new company themselves and then have the New York firm buy the airtime. When the Swedish developed Ad arrived the Ad Execs took one look and sent it back with a message that there was no way such an Ad could run in the US. The Ad read, ElectroLux! A vacuum cleaner that really sucks.

On that order these Trolls are not what you would expect but the idea of being fluent in both Norwegian and English really frightens me. Do you think they meant Dr. In? below or Dr. Eng.? below.  Happy Hallos Eve:

Dr.Ing/PhD/ Chatered Engineers/ Electrical Engineers
31. august 07

A constant increase in the demand of our expertise has led to the requirement to hire more co-workers in our Trondheim office.

Troll Power has, since early 2004 established itself as one of Norway’s leading experts in power systems. The company is localized with the headquarters in Bergen and a division office in Ørsta and Trondheim.

The market for Troll power is traditionally within the supply of energy inside and outside of the country as well as within industrial and offshore activities.

Troll power As offers its clients skills connected to:

  • Calculations, planning and theoretical evaluations connected to power stations
  • Testing and commissioning of bigger electrical systems
  • Condition Assessment of electrical components

Required Qualifications:

  • Dr. eng./ PhD/ Chatered Engineers(MSc) in the line of Power systems. The tasks will be related to Project management, design, theoretical analyses and optimization of big and small power stations.
  • Chatered Engineers(MSc)/ Engineers in the line of Power systems. The tasks will be related to project management, design, commissioning, maintenance- and condition control of power systems.

Troll Power As wants to get in contact with qualifying candidates who wish to be employed now or at a later point in time. Newly qualified persons will also be considered. Commencement will take place after further agreement.

The following applies for both positions:

  • Some traveling operations must be reckoned upon
  • Emphasis will be placed on personal qualities
  • Can speak and write both Norwegian and English language
  • Good co-operation abilities

Troll Power As can offer:

  • Competitive salaries and good insurance schemes.
  • Projects with technical challenges.
  • Further development of one’s workplace.

For more information, contact our division manager Børre Johansen on tlf. 93261567 or by email,  or the Office manager Lene Christin Kjørlaug on tlf. 55382032 or by email  Our general manager can also be contacted ( )

Application with a CV and references to be sent to:

Troll Power


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