The Climate Ark – What a very cool place indeed

I like this place. Alot. Bunches of very radical things. Enjoy.

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Biocentric Commentary Emphasizing Abrupt Climate Change, Ending Terrestrial Ecosystem Loss, and Other Sufficient Ecological Responses
RAINFOREST ALERT! Tell Liberia: Industrial Primary Rainforest Logging is Corrupt, Ecocidal, and Must End
Having devastated the Penan of Malaysia's rainforests (ongoing and with continued protests) -- and those in Papua New Guinea, Cambodia and Guyana as well -- Samling timber mafia now turns its eye to Liberia, West Africa
TAKE ACTION! New logging contracts have been issued across 40% of Liberia’s primary rainforests [search] in only two years of resumed industrial logging. A full one quarter of Liberia’s total landmass – half of its best primary rainforests – were granted using secretive and illegal logging permits. Malaysian logging giant Samling, who has a long history of illegal logging from Cambodia to Guyana to Papua…
CALL FOR PAPERS: Announcing Major Kerala, India Ecology Conference
Asian Elephant
Dr. Glen Barryof Ecological Internet to serve as Academic Convener, and present on the global biodiversity, ecosystem and biosphere imperatives for biocentric land planning and strengthened legal protections for Kerala’s Asian elephants – and their corridors, particularly the Sigur plateau – as an umbrella species for other ecological values. Dear forest protection colleagues, I am pleased to announce a major international conference on conservation…


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