Illinois Department Of Natural Resourses Proposes 50 $$$ Fine For Fracking Violations

This is worse than a sick joke. It is a travesty.


Today (Wednesday, 11/20/2013) is Day 6 of the IDNR 45 day comment period on hydraulic fracturing, aka “fracking.” 
Today’s comment is on the Ridiculously Low Fines Assessed on Violators of the Rules
Here’s what to do to make your comment today:
Suggested Comment: IDNR proposes to fine violators of the rules from $50 (less than a typical traffic ticket) to $2500 dollars per violation and add up to $ 1000 for actually causing environmental harm and up to $2000 for “creating a hazard to the safety of any person”.  These are fines for companies making potentially tens of millions of dollars or in many cases even more?   (Note: The top 5 oil and gas producers—Exxon-Mobil, Shell, Chevron, BP, and Conoco Phillips—made 118.1 billion in profits last year; in the last decade they have brought in over 1 trillion in profits.)   Where is deterrence in these penalties?  Let us answer that.  There is no deterrence.
NOTE:  We have learned that IDNR only has to provide a summary of the comments it receives to the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules.  To ensure that JCAR sees our actual comments, will you please copy your comment and e-mail to
Thank you!
P.S.  We have learned from Senator Harmon that Central Illinois WILL have a hearing.  We have contacted IDNR to obtain details but they said the details are not yet available.
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