Gardening Time Is Here – But you need the right tools

I put off starting the annual gardening meditation because I could not believe that on March 20th Winter was really done. Actually we planted some spinach and peas at the beginning of March but we half expected them to die eventually from frost, an ice storm or snow. But now it is pretty clear that global warming is here so what better way to celibrate then to plant potatoes and onion sets. Here is a nifty new wheel barrow.

One of the drawbacks associated with traditional wheelbarrows is time consuming lifting, shoveling and scooping that takes its toll on your back. Designed to reduce stress on the upper body and make the arduous chore of moving yard debris a snap, the innovative Flexi Yard Carts put the main bucket area on the ground where the load is! Used just like a dustpan, you can roll, push, or rake all manner of material quickly and easily while also being able to haul heavy items more efficiently. Nimble and highly maneuverable, both models feature a lightweight, collapsible design for compact storage after each use. Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

  • Minimizes back breaking work with an ergonomic design that allows you to rake, roll and slide debris directly into the cart.
  • Multi-use, the cart is perfect for gardening, yard clean up and a variety of hauling and transport tasks.
  • Tear proof, extra durable blue Duralite fabric forms the main body.
  • High quality, powder coated steel framework ensures strength.
  • 13 diameter by 3wide front tire makes for easy handling, even over rough terrain.
  • Low center of gravity (50% lower than most wheelbarrows) and self-leveling design allows the Wheel Easy to cradle and stabilize awkward or large loads.
  • Drops flat to the ground allowing loads to be rolled, dragged, pushed or raked directly onto the body of the cart.
  • Rapid release mechanism unclips the cart for simple hose or wipe down cleaning.
  • Cart can be folded flat for compact storage .
  • Holds up to 3 cubic feet of material.
  • Only 21 lbs. but capable of hauling loads over 350 lbs.


  • Size Dimensions: 46 L
  • Capacity: 3 cu.ft. and 150 lbs
  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • Composition: Tear proof, extra durable blue Duralite fabric surrounding a high quality, powder coated steel framework to ensure strength.
  • Usage: multi-purpose transport of goods, surpassing the
  • limited functionality of traditional wheelbarrows.
  • Key Features: ground-level loading; light weight; ergonomic design; compact storage
  • Warranty: Manufacturer warranties item for 2 years against defects in materials or workmanship.


Gotta go mow. Go there and find many more tools. More tomorrow.


Life Styles Of The Off The Gridders – Gentle to the Earth

This article speaks for itself.

How Living Off the Grid Works


Off-the-grid Lifestyle

You’re excited about going off the grid now, right? You’re set to get your solar panels and septic tank. You have the well driller booked and you’re ready to say no to utility bills. Before you follow through on all these moves, you need to think about the lifestyle changes that come with going off the grid.

Even with solar and wind power, you’ll still need to limit your use of electricity. Most people interested in living off the grid do so at least in part to live a greener life, so conserving power goes hand-in-hand with this decision. With adequate solar and wind systems, you should be able to operate most of your electric appliances and gadgets, but not necessarily at the same time. If you’re using a hair dryer, avoid using the microwave. If you fire up the blender, unplug your space heater. Major electricity users like washing machines should be operated at night, when your other power needs are minimal. True disciples of the back-to-land movement wouldn’t use a washer and dryer anyway. Washing clothes by hand and using a clothesline is a rustic alternative.

The same goes for your water use. With a cistern system, in periods of little rain you might need to let the dishes pile up for a couple of days or limit your toilet flushes. Some people go so far as to turn off the shower water while they lather or wash their hair. Collecting additional non-potable water in rain barrels is a great way to water plants, wash dishes and keep your pets hydrated without dipping into your well or cistern.

Energy Star appliances are the most efficient on the market and a good way to save money on your bills. Look for the yellow stickers on the appliances when you buy them and compare the ratings. In addition to saving energy, the government offers rebates on Energy Star appliances, so you’ll be saving money as well. You should­ also switch your light bulbs to the energy-saving compact fluorescent bulbs.


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Living Off The Grid Has Gotten Sexy – Thanks to Natgeo’s Preppers

I have only seen one episode of Preppers so I am no expert. The show did seem intrusive because many of the “preparing for catastrophe” types are really sensitive to outside interest.  Some fear laughter, others fear exposing their hoards to people who might try to take them away from them, and others are just by nature isolationists. Also many of their theories about the impending “end of the world” are just plain incoherent. Thus painful to listen too. Most the off the grid people I know are not Preppers, they are, like me, cheap. They hate giving money to the utility companies.

What is living off-grid?
by LINDAM on FEBRUARY 11, 2012 – 1 Comment in OFF-GRID 101

The literal definition of living off-grid (or offgrid or living off the grid) is living without Utility power or water or waste disposal.

It can go further than this, to include being disconnected from the infrastructures that make life convenient, including roads, banks, schooling, doctors and so on. Even the Internet is a grid of sorts. Wikipedia has an extended discussion

In the absence of Utility electricity, energy needs are often supplied by solar, water or wind energy. (more…)

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A Bicycle’s Best Friend – What happens when we quite using hydrocarbons

The secession of the use of hydrocarbons for fuels could be sudden. The President could order it. He could order all American troops home. He could order them to convert anything nonessential like “factories making crap” to make solar panels of the water and electrical kind. He could order larger factories to convert to wind turbine manufacturing. He could order the closing of all coal mines and the opening of Yucca Mountain. He could prohibit the importation of liquid fuels beginning with oil and eventually including natural gas. As the coal runs out the coal plants would have to convert to natural gas. Or it could happen gradually as the planet warms and people  die. Either way the bicycle is gona be a big part of it. People can go 10 miles on a bike easy.

Boomers Are Discovering The Fun Path
To Fitness Through Bicycle Riding

Bicycle riding for boomers offers a boomers perspective on the sport of bicycling that is almost never seen in the cycling world. It is a compilation of lessons learned over more than 15 years, on three continents and several islands, years of research, and the unveiling of new boomer-friendly cycling products.


There is an exciting re-awakening in the world of bicycle riding driven by boomer aged riders looking for fun and fitness. Old line bike manufacturers are producing more products for mature riders and new manufacturers are appearing frequently.

When riding a bicycle you notice the sights and sounds that you, almost always, miss when driving or riding in a car and you get a whole new perspective on your environment. It gives you a chance to leave the rat race behind and lets you stop and smell the roses. Or, if you are a more active type, you can step it up and get all the action you want.


The days of bicycles being just toys for the young are long gone. Older folks are finding new bikes that are boomer friendly and new ways to enjoy them. New bike paths, clubs, and organized rides are becoming more available then ever and the numbers are growing every day. And, it can be as solitary or social as you want it to be.

Remember how much fun bike riding was as a kid? Guess what. It can be more fun now and you don’t have to be home by dinner time. It is an awesome way to attain fitness and how many fitness programs are really fun? Yet, if you are having fun you are much more likely to stay with it and reap the many health benefits that it gives you.


Just about any sport, or fitness program, has on-going expenses like greens fees, membership fees, etc. But, a very modest investment in cycling gear will last for years and your on-going expense is almost zero.

The good news is there is a bicycle, or tricycle, for anybody that wants to ride, at any skill level. So, if you want to ride there is one for you.

Some of the articles and products shown here will be amazing to people that have not ridden for years but they are here now for us to enjoy. Bicycle riding is more attractive than ever to boomers and seniors.

An estimated 80% of the average persons travel is, driver only, and within 10 miles of home. Imagine how much money bicycle riding can save you!

I promise I won’t get too hi-tech. Unless you intend to ride competitively it isn’t necessary. ( I’ll leave that for the Lance Armstrong wannabes) It’s just us folks and it’s all down to earth stuff so……..



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Harvey Koplo Would Like Your Support – He is riding his bike for a cause

Long time friend and supporter of Community Energy Systems issued a call to support him as he rides to raise money for a worthy cause. This organization rarely ever comments on health issues but for him there is an exception. Put out the word if you can.

Support Me in Tour de Cure!

I will be cycling in the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure fundraising event. If you wish, please support me with a donation by selecting the “Sponsor Me” button. Our efforts will help set the pace in the fight against diabetes.

Help Make a Difference in the fight against diabetes!

Each mile I ride, and the funds I raise will be used in the fight to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes.

No matter how small or large, your generous gift will help improve the lives of nearly 24 million Americans who suffer from diabetes, in the hope that future generations can live in a world without this disease. Together, we can all make a difference!

Click here to get to my page:

Thank you for making a generous contribution to this cause!

>> Harv <<

Harv Koplo
Avrom Systems
Springfield, IL


More local stuff tomorrow if I can.