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What exactly is Heaven on Earth?

The phrase “Heaven on Earth” in the context of the book is lifted from a phrase by Moses Hess who, in his Communist Confession of Faith, noted that while Christians imagine a heavenly joy “We, on the other hand, will have this heaven on earth.” It’s exactly this kind of religious fervor for the concepts of socialism (and communism – the terms are used interchangeably) that gave socialist regimes the license to do whatever it took to cram Paradise down people’s throats. And when people rejected the “freedom” offered to them, the results were horrific: Mussolini’s Italy, Stalin’s Soviet Republic, and Mao’s China. In total, Muravchik estimates that more than 100 million people were murdered in the name of socialism since 1917.


Some people mistake it for State Run Fascism.


The great en-masse deception


Animal Free Cooking


Unfolding History

The Heaven On Earth phrase well illustrates the aspirations of most humanity. It is the point at which all our individual and collective efforts from across the ages of humanity are fulfilled. It is the point at which we are freed by the truth.

As we proceed on our living journey, the words of Meister Johann Eckhart, a 14th century mystic, might help to re-focus our individual tasks: “Earth should become like heaven, so God can find a home here”. Herein are our individual and mutual tasks – to transform the things of ourselves which we sense in our heart are incompatible with heaven. When we make the change, we create a difference, which in turn becomes challenged. When we hold our ground, the world around us changes in consequence. By changing ourselves, we change the world.

The world is in extreme crisis and needs our individually unique care. The topics presented on this site are those which the author emphasizes for humanity’s healing.


Some confuse it with theocracy.


While others are simply obscure…

But Flying Turbines are much more practical:

Turbines in the sky

June 16, 2009 11:44am

by Kate Mackenzie


Magenn’s MARS prototype

Wired takes a look at several companies working on high altitude wind turbines: ranging from floating, kite-like devices tethered to long power cables to quaint-looking power-generating flying machines.

The devices are very diverse. Magenn’s helium-filled devices resemble floating kites; Sky Windpower has a ‘controlled helicopter’ with four rotary blades keeping it suspended. Kite Gen’s devices describe a figure eight in the air.

There’s no doubt the wind is stronger at high altitudes, and the devices would take up less ground space, perhaps avoiding one key objection to wind turbines. The attractions are many:

Wind’s power — energy which can be used to do work like spinning magnets to generate electricity — varies with the cube of its speed. So, a small increase in wind speed can lead to a big increase in the amount of mechanical energy you can harvest. High-altitude wind blows fast, is spread nicely across the globe, and is easier to predict than terrestrial wind.

Companies also claim the devices would pose less of a threat to avian life, and emit lower noise pollution than regular wind turbines.

But they’re not without drawbacks.

High-altitude winds, although they are far stronger than terrestrial winds, don’t offer any solution to the ‘baseload’ problem, the inconsistency of supply affecting many renewables. In a article in Energies journal:

Because jet streams vary locally and seasonally, however, the high-altitude wind power resource is less steady than needed for baseload power without large amounts of storage or continental-scale transmission grids, due to the meandering and unsteady nature of the jet streams.


Please see the rest of the article for more info


Chicago Media Shun The Wind Power 2009 Conference – Oh the bankrupt Tribue ran an op/ed piece about government intervention

But you would think that a convention/conference that brings 15,000 participants, represents the future and is in a city with a mayor, Richard Daley, who wants to be the greenest governor in the US, that there would be some coverage of “The Latest In Wind Technologies” or “Where Does Chicago Fit Into The New Energy Future” or at least an address by the Mayor. NADA Zilch Nothing. Other people noticed however:

World Business Chicago Facilitates International Networking at WINDPOWER 2009 Conference



CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–World Business Chicago (WBC) and its Chairman, Mayor Richard M. Daley, in conjunction with other key public, private and non-profit partners, tonight hosted a VIP networking reception as part of the American Wind Energy Association’s (AWEA) WINDPOWER 2009 Conference and Exhibition at Chicago’s McCormick Place.

The reception, with more than 200 people in attendance, was presented by a collaboration of organizations including the AWEA (Organizer/Sponsor), WBC (Organizer/Sponsor), MEGA (Sponsor), the City of Chicago (Organizer), the State of Illinois (Organizer) and the Illinois Finance Authority (Organizer).

The wind power industry is a top economic development priority for WBC, based on the industry’s high growth potential, profitability, job creation/diversity, and wage levels. Chicago offers wind industry companies locational advantages including a skilled labor force, proximity to markets and supplies, natural sources of wind in Illinois and the Midwest, available real estate, access to airports, rail and highway systems and strong public sector commitments to wind industry use and production.

“The WINDPOWER Conference provides World Business Chicago with a wonderful opportunity to showcase Chicago’s position as a prime location for wind power companies,” said Rita Athas, executive director of World Business Chicago. “By hosting this event, we are facilitating dialogue between visiting and local wind power companies, Chicago area companies that may do business with them and our local leaders, in order to foster growth and new opportunities.”

The Chicago area’s locational advantages for the wind industry are evident in recent additions of notable wind power companies include:

Area Headquarters

  • Acciona N. America HQ
  • E.ON N. America Climate & Renewables HQ
  • Nordex USA Inc. HQ
  • Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation N. American HQ
  • Invenergy LLC HQ
  • Midwest Wind Energy LLC HQ
  • Trintek Energy Consulting HQ
  • Wind for Illinois HQ

Area Non-Headquarter Offices

  • Vestas America
  • Horizon Wind Energy
  • Siemens Energy & Automation
  • Winergy Drive Systems Corporation – subsidiary of Siemens

WINDPOWER 2009, the largest annual wind conference and exhibition in the world, takes place May 4th – 7th, 2009. The show features more than 18,000 attendees and 1,200 exhibitors and is expected to generate an economic impact of more than $33.3-million to Chicago, according to the Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau (based on the initial estimated attendance of 14,000). Approximately 80 Illinois companies will exhibit at the conference.

The 2009 show was originally set for Minneapolis and moved to Chicago to accommodate a 20% increase over expected attendance, which doubles last year’s show in Houston. WINDPOWER is one of the 50 fastest-growing shows in North America according to Trade Show Weekly. Chicago hosted AWEA’s convention in 2004, when it drew 3,000 attendees.


Everything you need to know to get there:

Siterra Booth 5580 at Wind Power 2009

Company: Siterra Corporation
Start date: May 4, 2009
End date: May 7, 2009
Cost: see
Location: McCormick Convention Center, Chicago IL
Website: Visit event website

Siterra will have a booth (5580) at the AWEA Wind Power 2009 Expo in Chicago May 4-7.

WINDPOWER 2009 Conference and Exhibition is the largest annual wind conference and exhibition in the world featuring over 15,000 attendees and over 1,200 exhibitors. Each year, wind energy professionals gather at this event to learn about the latest industry developments and technologies, review new products and services in the expansive exhibit hall, and network with leading industry decision makers. Join us for what promises to be another exciting event taking place May 4th – 7th, 2009, at McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago, Illinois.
McCormick Place Convention Center

Welcome to Chicago’s McCormick Place, a premier convention facility in North America. Located just minutes from downtown Chicago, McCormick Place is owned and operated by the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority (MPEA) and attracts close to 3 million visitors each year. McCormick Place is comprised of four state-of-the-art buildings: the North and South Buildings, the West Building and Lakeside Center. Together, they form what many consider to be the economic engine that powers the entire convention and tradeshow industry. McCormick Place is committed to creating a great experience for every person, every time!

For a map of McCormick Place Convention Center:

For more information:

Exhibitors: For information on exhibiting in Chicago, FOCUS One utilities, and guidelines and services, visit

Guest Services: Click here to open a .pdf document outlining some of the guest services at McCormick Place Convention Center.

Accessibility Map: Click here to open a .pdf map showing the location of all elevators for wheelchair access.
For additional disability services at the convention center, visit

Meeting Room Rentals: Interested in renting a meeting room at the convention center or connected Hyatt Regency McCormick Place hotel? Contact Stefanie Brown at to receive additional information and a meeting room request form.

Parking at the McCormick Place Convention Center: There are several parking lots nearby to the McCormick Place facility including, South, North and West Buildings, Lakeside Center, Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, and Soldier Field South Lot. The parking rate is currently $19 per day (one time access). Or exhibitors may order a parking permit that allows for in-and-out privileges for $23.75. Click here to visit the parking & directions part of the McCormick Place website for more information. Please note – the parking information is subject to change and listed here as helpful information for conference attendees.

Driving Directions and Additional Parking Information for the McCormick Place Convention Center:
Barbara Martin


Juche – a simple name for a nasty idea. Kim Il Sungism

Jodie Foster, Pregnant Man, Iran, Prince Philip, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, American Idol, Obama, China, Beyonce, Rolling Stones. (sorry for the deception but please read below)

Normally I wouldn’t bother to cover this but since it’s on the list I felt I needed to “dis” it as much as I could. I even took the time to get Buzzes top searches for the week to punch it up a bit. I even checked every category Energy Tough Love has to publicize this human indignity. The list of “Religions” that I used to start this meditation on the relationship between Religion and the Environment placed Juche well down on the list but with 18 million adherents that still alot of folks. I had never heard of it before and I even asked a couple of people if they had heard of it. Imagine my suprise when I typed it into a search engine and up popped this Prick who claimed he was god:


During his lifetime he forced millions of people in North Korea to worship him. Can you imagine anything more degrading or disgusting then a man who points a loaded gun at your head and demands that you treat him like a god. You must pray to him. Oh most Divine Leader. Makes me want to puke. But then he is followed by this buffoon:


Now they are “worshiping” something no better than a trained monkey. If they had an ENVIRONMENTAL group in North Korea, I wish them the best of luck but I ain’t gonna publish it. I ain’t even gona type it into a search engine. If anybody ever deserved to get a nuke shoved up his poop shoot. This would be it.

CES Is Getting Really Impressed With The Personal Wind Turbine

And here is where you can learn how to build one for yourself.


Thanks for dropping by and Welcome!!!

As a dedicated “do it yourselfer” I put this site up for all those who share similar DIYS skills and convictions.

I hope what I have here helps you in your endeavors in some way, big or small.

This site is maintained using windpower only.  My entire office is powered by the wind. Also part of my house now… !  Email me at  elenz(at)        But… you must include something specific to the site in the subject line.  Any email that has a blank subject line will be deleted and therefore not answered.


<There are great design ideas at this site if you are good with your hands. There is even a design for a very effect bladed turbine turbine. But my favorite part is the LINKS:


Here are a couple of great links to start with…  There will be more added as time goes on.  They sell magnets and lots of other goodies we like to play with.  Also their site offers a world of information. They also have another site where they sell their magnets and other trinkets to play with at  Magazine dedicated to us DIYS’ers of home brewed power  I learned a lot from Hugh Piggott, and would strongly recommend his books to anyone getting involved with wind power. has a wealth of information on just about any kind of Renewable energy you can think of.  Expect to spend some time on this site…   . slow speed engines, generators, and more”… Lots of cool stuff we like to play with… lots of DIY projects, information and links.

This site has information about small manufactured wind turbines as well as other information about wind power This site has information about small manufactured wind turbines as well as other information about wind power  

http://www.dsgnspec.comRob has some great stuff for us experimentors… lots of electonic gizmos we all gott’a have.   This is where the star/delta switch I used in my downwind turbine project came from and it works flawlessly! Also !!! If your looking for a small hand held tach, the non-contact type you gotta’ check out the “Tach JR” Perfect little tach at the right price!!! Dont miss out!!!

Great place to learn about renewable energy for young and old.  A new and interesting way of learning. place to learn about renewable energy for young and old.  A new and interesting way of learning. -Off topic but a great movie to experience.  Plus you can help support a young upcomming movie maker.  A must see! – lots of good information on wind power as well as a nicely built windturbine using an auto alternator. – The Solar Industry’s Water Heater Bible
” Hot Water Systems: Lessons Learned 1977 to Today ” Solar Hot Water and Pool Heating Design / High Performance Low Maintenance Systems / Reality Checks Using Current Technology…a definitive how-to book for installing and maintaining high-performance and low-maintenance solar hot water systems — written by one of the leaders in solar contracting today. – another nice site for the DIY wind / solar and more! check it out. – Great DIY site with lots of fun projects we all like to see and build – cool stuff! – Tons of DIY projects – plan to spend some time here, I still haven’t been through all the cool stuff !  Bay Area Solar Company, serving San Francisco Bay and Northern California specializing in residential solar power installations. how a home wind turbine could save money on your electricity bill. We also offer many environmental articles relating to solar, wind and geothermal power, and this includes a section on deciding if a wind turbine can be efficient in your area.

www.energyplanet.infoLots of information in many many catagories of renewable and alternative energies.  Plan to spend some time here … tons of info