That Story from the State Fair

When Cate and I were at the State Fair (see State Fair 1) we
visited Conservation World to see the Celebrating the 
Environment Tent, which was a new (to me) environmental 
displaythat included Springfield Based groups. While 
there I was shown a Lexus hybrid car and told a pretty cool
story about how it came to be there. I did not have time to
 get the details and forgot to take pictures so I was waiting
 until I could get accurate info before I posted it.
First: The CAR
It is a Lexus Hybrid, 4 Door Sedan/Coupe which costs $61 K, 
and was provided by Lexus of Peoria. At the high end of its 
gasoline performance it gets 28 miles to the gallon, not
bad for a sports car. The car runs on electricity at low
speeds and gas at high speeds. (see
The car was offered to them courtesy of Wally Miles, Sales
Manager, at Lexus of Peoria, 7301 N. Allen Rd, Peoria, IL 61614.
But then there is the obvious ????. Peoria? 
Catherine O'Connor told me that she called every car dealer in
Springfield to see if they would loan her a car. They all said 
no!(boo hissssss) So she took a creative leap and called dealers
in other cities. When she got a hold of Wally Miles
whom she had NOT MET before, he said he would get her a car! She
said that what she did not know until later was that Mr. Miles
had to BUY the car because there is a waiting list!! He had the
car delivered to her by courier and again, he had only spoken 
to her on the telephone…a $60,000 car. WHOA.
The thank you letter from the Sierra Club in part reads:
"Thank you so much for generously supplying a new Lexus 
hybrid vehicle for the 'Celebrating the Environment' display
at the 2008 Illinois State Fair.  We are proud that the Sierra
Club has teamed up with a coalition of local environmental 
groups and community leaders to help raise awareness of the 
biggest single step that American consumers can take to curb
global warming and help reduce their dependence on 
non-renewable fuel sources." 

Anybody want to buy a car? CALL Wally! Thank you Mr. Miles.

Illinois State Fair Day 2

The 2nd day at the Illinois State Fair we got involved in an exciting chase that put a very bad guy in jail.


 We were at the Illinois Electric Council tent to see their advertised energy efficiency demonstration put on by some very nice ladies.


When we were distracted by the high voltage over head wire display put on by Live Line Demos’ main guy Kyle Finley,


 When all of a sudden the mad Energy Hog Broke onto the scene.


(who is played by actual nice guy – Justin Lex)

We enlisted the help of good guys Molson and Lee, who when not being super heroes are radio personalities.


And a chase throught the fairgrounds ensued. We wanted to catch the hog and put him out of business. For more about this infamous criminal see: .


He tried to hide in the Dairy Pavilion. But we followed in hot pursuit, pausing only to find, the airplane and many other secrets in this years beloved Butter Cow. But then heroes Molson and Lee called their friend in the K-9 squad.


They cornered him and put him where he belongs.


All in all the Fair was fun this year and there were more energy exhibits then ever before. Heck we had nothing better to do while waiting around for the Governor to sign the Rate Relief Bill…Oops that’s for the Bulletin Board.

The State Fair and Energy Efficiency

This is conservation?

This is conservation?

There were lots of Energy Displays demonstrating LOW Burn Behavior on display at the Illinois State Fair this year. Though it was kinda disheartening to see this at the bottom of the hill at Conservation World.


This is Conservation!


This is Conservation!




These are pictures from the Sangamon Valley Group chapter of the Sierra Club. The first is an actual working solar photovoltaic panel courtesy of CWLP’s Bob Croteau of the Energy Services Department. They had a brand new hybrid car, the amazing story of which will be on another blog entry. The tent was womened by Catherine O’Connor and Diana Lopez under extreme heat and humidity. Thank You!


DECO Administrator John Marley tells a fireman how to quit burning up his own stuff.


They had a blower door test and all manner of ways to plug holes in your home envelop…I had hoped we would be past this stage by now but apparently people are still trying to heat and cool the outdoors. Close the barn door people.


This guy is the real deal. This is Steve Cox and his company is selling the new Skystream 3.7 kilowatt personal wind turbine at Way to go Steve and family! More on them later too…




And finaly as a tribute to my good friend John Martin, an avid environmentalist, whose blog – thedrunkablog – that chronicles all things Denver, is linked on CES’ blog. Weird Bird Friday, a tradition I may not be able to uphold. Sorry Susan Kay. From a Display by the Illinois Electricity Council concerning high voltage powerline saftey. Yes it is a dead bird. Not merely resting.



Next Time State Fair 2 and the hunt for the Energy Hog.