An Energy Audit Leads Directly To Wind Generation – People get the bug

It is true. Not everyone will get the bug. Where you stop after your energy audit could many times be with good thoughts. A liberal bastion such as Boulder, has to hire people to go door to door to install … Continue reading

He Was Shootin At Some Food And Up Came Some Bubbling Crude Oil that is, Texas Gold….Hmmm maybe like population bustin, human cancer makin, pollutin the atmosphere…dead plants and animals from the past black gunk. 2009-08-27 T00:52:03-04:00″ Updated: 12:52 am After 150 Years, Whither Oil? By Jad Mouawad The Associated … Continue reading

Oh Great Now They Are Picking On Smart Meters – Heh pick on someone your own size

There are some nervous Techno nellies out there that see smart meters as stupid or worse dangerous   APRIL 27, 2009, 3:49 A.M. ET Smart Meter, Dumb Idea? New devices promise to cut energy use by giving consumers more … Continue reading

The Topic Of The Week Is Silly Energy Uses – As typed in at Google

I was shocked when I type in Silly Energy Uses into Google and got back 8 out of 10 references to Sarah Palin. But then I thought about it and realised that the Drill Here, Drill Now crowd does look … Continue reading