Witches And Sarah Palin Make For Crazy Energy Policy – Better give the kids their candy or it’s a nasty trick for you

Witches are so cool. Feared because they were powerful woman who paid no mind to no man. But then some people fear them, well, because they are fearful all the time:


Palin once blessed to be free from ‘witchcraft’

By GARANCE BURKE Associated Press Writer
9/25/2008  9:41 AM

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A grainy YouTube video surfaced Wednesday showing Sarah Palin being blessed in her hometown church three years ago by a Kenyan pastor who prayed for her protection from “witchcraft” as she prepared to seek higher office.The video shows Palin, the Republican vice presidential candidate, standing before Bishop Thomas Muthee in the pulpit of the Wasilla Assembly of God church, holding her hands open as he asked Jesus Christ to keep her safe from “every form of witchcraft.”“Come on, talk to God about this woman. We declare, save her from Satan,” Muthee said as two attendants placed their hands on Palin’s shoulders. “Make her way my God. Bring finances her way even for the campaign in the name of Jesus. … Use her to turn this nation the other way around.”Palin filed campaign papers a few months later, in October 2005, and was elected governor the next year.

Palin does not say anything on the video and keeps her head bowed throughout the blessing. She was baptized at the church but stopped attending regularly in 2002

Come on, talk to God about this woman. We declare, save her from Satan,” Muthee said as two attendants placed their hands on Palin’s shoulders. “Make her way my God. Bring finances her way even for the campaign in the name of Jesus. … Use her to turn this nation the other way around.”

Palin filed campaign papers a few months later, in October 2005, and was elected governor the next year.



 Blumenthal, in addition to his on the scenes reporting, posts video of the sermon which Palin references (footage begins at 7:30). In it, the minister implores Jesus to protect Palin from “the spirit of witchcraft.” Earlier, he states, “We need God taking over our education system. If we have God in our schools, we will not have our kids being taught how to worship Buddha, how to worship Muhammad. We will not have in the curriculum witchcraft and sorcery.” He also preaches, “The other area is the media. We need believers in the media. We need God taking over the media in our lives.” 


This stuff seems rather ho hum until you go from Halloween to the real world.


MINISTRY STUDENTS: Governor asked them to pray for troops, pipeline.

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told ministry students at her former church that the United States sent troops to fight in the Iraq war on a “task that is from God.”

Palin asked the students to pray for the troops in Iraq and noted that her eldest son, Track, was expected to be deployed there.

“Our national leaders are sending them out on a task that is from God,” she said. “That’s what we have to make sure that we’re praying for, that there is a plan and that plan is God’s plan.”

A video of the speech was posted at the Wasilla Assembly of God’s Web site before finding its way on to other sites on the Internet.

Palin told graduating students of the church’s School of Ministry, “What I need to do is strike a deal with you guys.” As they preached the love of Jesus throughout Alaska, she said, she’d work to implement God’s will from the governor’s office, including creating jobs by building a pipeline to bring North Slope natural gas to North American markets.

“God’s will has to be done in unifying people and companies to get that gas line built, so pray for that,” she said.



Now I know what you are thinking, many oil Executives have prayed and prayed that their pipelines got done on time and under budget. But that was so they didn’t lose any money. Sarah’s praying to get the pipelin to happen. Geez, I thought that was Congress and the EPA’s job. Happy Halloween!

Oh and for a real witch:



Dan he is funny, oh I mean damn – never mind


To Continue In The Halloween Spirit I give you Frankenstein! Oh god the little kiddies love their candy

OK so it is really the Miami Museum of Science Exhibit on electricity safety. But shouldn’t it be Frankensteen?:




With lessons like this:

What is young Dracula doing wrong? If you guessed “using a hair dryer near water” you’re right!

Hair dryers and water don’t mix, and can be very dangerous! Never use a hair dryer near water and never place a hair dryer in water.

If you see a hair dryer or any other electrical appliance in or near water, stay away and go tell your parents or an adult!

Remember: Electricity and water don’t mix!



And messages like this:

What is the young Mummy doing wrong? If you guessed “putting something near a lamp” you’re right!

Lamps use electricity to make light and can get very hot! If things get to close to a hot lamp they can catch on fire!

Never place anything near or inside the lamp shade. The lamp shade acts as the lamp’s safety zone. Nothing should be inside this safety zone.

Remember: Lamps can get very hot! Never place anything near or inside the lamp shade.


Wish they would have know that at GE when they first started making these:


January 31, 2005Oregon schools, warehouses and businesses will soon be getting a state safety warning about the potential danger of ultraviolet exposure from cracked metal halide lights.State officials said they will also notify the federal government about an unusual but very real danger of severe “sunburn” and irritated eyes that can come from such exposure.The warnings follow a November incident that left about 80 Lake Oswego teachers suffering a range of symptoms after being exposed to ultraviolet radiation from a cracked metal halide bulb burning in a school gym.It was similar to a 2000 incident in which several spectators at a junior high basketball game in Sutherlin suffered from sore eyes and skin rashes that resembled sunburn.An environmental specialist hired by the state estimated that those sitting directly under the cracked light in Lake Oswego would have received a full day’s exposure to ultraviolet radiation in just eight minutes.

Metal halide lights are common in large spaces because of the bright, white rays they emit.

But a 1980 federal Food and Drug Administration directive says only metal halide bulbs that self-extinguish when cracked should be used in places where people could be exposed for more than a few minutes, unless other safety precautions are in place.

The FDA also ordered that warnings be placed on the packaging of metal halide lights that don’t self-extinguish.

Last week, the Oregon office of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration concluded an investigation that found many school districts and other employers are not aware of the danger of ultraviolet radiation.

The Lake Oswego incident happened when a metal halide light in the Bryant Elementary School gym in Lake Oswego was struck by a volleyball Oct. 18. The district maintenance staff didn’t change the bulb because, although cracked, it was still emitting light.

But a four-hour teacher training session in the gym in November left many teachers with symptoms ranging from sensitive skin to burned corneas and temporary blindness.

Teachers union president Kathy Lundeen said although doctors told teachers their symptoms should soon subside, “more than a handful” of teachers are still suffering dry eyes and sensitivity to light more than two months after the incident.

“I don’t think anyone should have to go through what the employees have gone through here,” Lundeen said.


A final one:

What is the young Wolf Man doing wrong? If you guessed “placing something on top of a power cord” you’re right!

Placing objects on top of power cords can damage them, causing power shortages or even fires!

Remember: Don’t place objects on top of power cords.


But this is my favorite:


They Say Environmentalist’s Have No Sense Of Humor – But we do But we do But

My favorite humorist right now is Dan Piraro who allows me to steal his cartoons shamelessly (well I have some but don’t tell him). He does environmental stuff about 4 times a year and I try to give him a little extra boost. (like he needs it and we give him what maybe 3 extra viewers) So with out further dodo here it is:



Weird Cow Friday – It’s true it is the Illinois State Fair time again

I was really disappointed in the Illinois State Fair this year. Last year there was so much energy conservation going on, both in the public and the private sector.  This year there was nothing but Conservation World. DO NOT get me wrong, as I said to the guy on the trolley as we drove by, “When I was young Conservation World was 2 guys under a tent. One guy from Ag. and one guy from DNR.” Now it takes up an entire corner of the Fair Grounds, has its own lake and the huge and energy efficient Department of Natural Resources building. It’s just that there wasn’t much going on around the rest of the fairgrounds. Yes, there were corn dogs and all the other exciting things that make the fair so cool, but I guess I got spoiled.

Anyway I go to the fair for the world famous Butter Cow. It starts out as this:


Then they strip it down to this:


That is a telephone by the way in its head. Then they build it back to this:


The skunks are new!



Weird Bird Friday – I am having a Dick Cheney moment

TGI(WB)F!  Another week gone by without the Great Depression that Grover Norquist, Dick Chaney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Phil Gramm tried to create. Hmmm.


Last week or maybe the week before i got a letter from a group called CartoonStock ordering me to take down an image and allowing the use of it for a “reasonable price”… So I am putting them up here so they can get the ridicule they deserve…by the way the comic was of two birds sitting on clouds. and one bird says to the other. “I flew over this funeral and 6 guns point guns at me and start shooting”

License Compliance Services, CartoonStock Ltd.

605 Fifth Avenue South, Suite 400
Seattle, WA 98104

United States


Dear Community Energy Systems,

It has come to the attention of CartoonStock Ltd that an image or image(s) represented by CartoonStock Ltd are being used or have been used online by your company. According to our records there is no valid license issued to your company for the use of the image(s).

To view the image(s) in question together with the usage(s) found on your company’s website (http://www.censys.org/), go to: https://lcs.cartoonstock.com/4SYUO9QQ

Using a CartoonStock Ltd image without a valid license is considered copyright infringement and in violation of the Copyright Act, Title 17, United States Code, entitling CartoonStock Ltd to seek compensation for infringing uses. CartoonStock Ltd is committed to protect the interests, intellectual property and livelihoods of the contributors with whom we work.

To resolve this matter (Case
Ref: 4SYU-O9QQ):

  • If a valid license has been issued for the image(s) in question:Please email the license purchase information to lcs@cartoonstock.com within 10 business days of the date of this letter.
  • If a valid license proof cannot be found:
    • Please cease using the image(s) in question immediately.
    • In addition, a $98.70 settlement payment should be received within 10 business days of the date of this letter. The payment options are detailed below. Ceasing use of the image(s) does not release your company of its responsibility to pay for the image(s) already used.

Remittance Payment Options (settlement fee: $98.70)

  • Remit Check Payment To:

    License Compliance Services
    Picscout Inc.
    605 Fifth Avenue South, Suite 400
    Seattle, WA 98104
    United States

Please include Reference Number 4SYU-O9QQ with check payment.

  • Alternatively, you may contact us at +1 855 387 8725.



We believe that prompt cooperation will benefit all concerned parties.

If you would like to continue to use the image(s) in question, or if you believe you have mistakenly received this letter, please contact us by email at lcs@cartoonstock.com, or call +1 855 387 8725 and we will assist you.

This letter is without prejudice to CartoonStock Ltd’s rights and remedies, all of which are expressly reserved.



License Compliance Services, CartoonStock Ltd.

and to this I say, KISS my ass!


I always wondered by Susan and John were into Sock Puppets. Now I know:


Weird Bird Friday – This one will be a quick one because there is breaking news

TGI(WB)F! Heh we should start a restaurant that serves only emmu or something. Its a totally original idea. Today’s weird bird is more like birds. There are 4 birds in the picture, can you point them out:



Dedicated to John and Susan in Denver who have increasingly focused on the Great Denver Fire caused by the 2008 Democrat Convention.


Little do people know that they both have very naughty tattoos on large parts of their bodies.

Dan Piraro Is One Of The Funniest Cartoonist Alive – Well at least to me

I am told that unofficially and off the record, Chris Robertson and the people at Peak Sun Silicon think so too.


I think the Peak Oil People are wrong. I think Oil Speculation has DOUBLED the price of oil. The Saudi’s claim that they believe oil is worth 70$$ a barrel. The real question is who tried to corner the Oil Market and Why? The second question is like the Hunt Brothers before them (in silver) when will they go to jail?

A bigger question is will the Saudi’s give the money back that they made as a result? Unfortunately they may have screwed the pooch because people are switching to mass transit and scooters.




Weird Bird Friday – In the spirit of Homo Sapien being an Omnivore

Thank God It’s Weird Bird Friday. I spent the last couple of days comtemplating a disrupted foodchain and chewing on field corn. YUCK! Hand me my shotgun ma I’m going to shoot me something.



Dedicated John Martin and Susan Kay who blog about all things Denver and the up coming Democratic Convention.


Its a little know fact that John collects political pins fiercely and very competitively. Susan has tried to get him to stop to no avail. This is a picture of a small portion of his collection:


If she can’t get him to stop where will they have room to store them?

Why The Petroleum Industry Continues To Lie To The Public

I didn’t do it, nobody saw me do it, there’s no way you can prove anything! Bart Simpson 

Spokesmen like Sykuta want to act like they are the experts and they know it all. So when they shovel a bunch of BS the public is supposed to go, “OH ok”.  Accepting the BS as if it were the truth. Notice he is not talking about oil prices, he is talking about gasoline prices. The real shocker in this piece is how quickly tosses oil off.

** The biggest factor in gasoline prices, almost 58 percent, is the cost of crude oil. Crude oil prices are skyrocketing, but only recently at inflation adjusted highs. There are several reasons:

—  Domestic demand, especially for diesel.
—  Red-hot worldwide demand, especially in China and India.
—  The historically low value of the U.S. dollar.
—  Civil/political strife in major oil-producing countries such as Nigeria, Venezuela and Iran.

These factors have tightened worldwide supply significantly. Continued economic growth, which is directly tied to increased energy use, exerts further upward pressure on crude oil prices. Like it or not, local prices are directly tied to the world market and can’t be controlled by U.S. companies.  Exxon controls a miniscule .62 percent of worldwide reserves, and BP accounts for only 3.42 percent of oil production.


So the first thing to say is he is going to make the falacious arguement that oil is only a small part of the gasoline prices, but then sites gasoline usage as a part of the problem…eg. increased domestic diesel usage what isn’t diesel gasoline? GOD

His second arguement is that The Petroleum Companies don’t own the oil we just buy it. Yah and you pay WHATEVER the sellers ask, no matter what and then pass the costs to us. What would happen to the oil market if one time just one time you guys said, “Thats too much. Sell it to someone else.” Instead they are clamboring for more 130$$ oil to be pumped into the ground in a salt dome in Louisiana (better know as the Strategic Reserve).

However his arguement essentially is if wasn’t for all the things that happen after we get a barrel of oil then prices would be cheaper. If you buy his original premise that oil is only 58% of the price of gas…then gas should go for under 2$$ a gallon. Think about how silly that is. Let’s see, when oil was 60$$ a barrel gas prices were 2$$ a gallon and now that oil is at 128$$ a barrel it’s 4$$. But the huge increase in oil prices which is largely due to speculaters in the Futures Market (or if you believe Peak Oil – because we are running out of oil) has nothing to do with it. Get real.

Ok, so what about increase in demand for domestic diesel. Everyone know that increases in price decreases consumption. This is true of truck drivers as well. They are slowing down and taking more direct routes. So we have to mark this one as UNTRUE.

 The “red hot” India and China Markets? Look, when a 1/4 of the world’s oil is tied up in the futures market everyone is fighting over oil but it has no direct relationship to India’s or China’s increase in imports. Even the Saudia’s who are known liars have said repeatedly that there is enough oil on the market. That oil isn’t making being made into gasoline. Add to that the fact that the refineries are reportedly running at 85% capacity. So we mark this one as UNTRUE. 

Next up the Weakened Dollar. Well well well, and who is responsible for that? Dare we say the Geniuses on Wall Street many of whom are oil company Executives. So much so that, again the Saudies and Dubai had to step in and supply billions of dollars in liquidity. And it still wasn’t enough. Top that off with the debt from a war started by an Oilman over Oil and  what exactly do they expect? Mark this one as UNTRUE.

Finally there is the world famous “unstable producers”. Whose fault is that? Oil companies cut deals with Dictators to get oil and they are suprised when “instabilities” occur. NO WAY.

More later: